Help! Please :(

Hi I hope someone can help me? I'll keep this really short. I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and PTSD and IBS. Lately the IBS has been ok.

This morning however I woke up feeling "not right". My eyes started to lose sight and ear went deaf (in hindsight I was probably about to faint). And then I had extreme "D" (not to be crude).

Went back to bed I a dreadful state and on waking I realized that it had happened when I was asleep! This has NEVER happened to me before and I'm wondering does anyone have a experience of this? IBS /anxiety? Or a bug? (I have health phobia so u can imagine my terror right now.). I'm also recovering from anorexia so I'm REALLY scared at how violent this "D" episode was/is. If there's ANYONE out there to talk to id really appreciate it. I'm terrified and very very alone.

Thank u

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  • Anyone ?please? :(

  • No one? 😪

  • Hi I hope you are feeling a bit better now and have managed to sleep. I am very like you by the sounds of it. Stress is an awfull thing to cope with. I have episodes like this but in all honesty you must find the strength to go to the docs. I know where you are coming from but it is best just to get reassurance sometimes. I have only been 2 times in the last 4 years to the docs and the last time, Oct 2014, she got me so stressed I burst into tears and had to walk out. She let me leave and didn't try to resolve anything. I wrote a letter of complaint and haven't been back because obviously anything medical is now the imaginary size of a house. I was there because my IBS haschanged and she now thinks iI have crohns or Celiac's but obviously you need a blood test for that. Sorry I have waffled on but stay strong and good luck. Take care x

  • Thanks so much for the reply. I'm still so shop after yesterday it literally came out of the blue. And of course leaves me thinking the worst. I've never had such a bad episode and just cannot tell whether it's a bug or jus ibs.

  • When I first had IBS I used to frequently lose the sight in my right eye. At first it was thought this may be a clot in the artery leading to the eye but it turned out to be my anxiety which was causing it and since being on a very low dose of a beta blocker - I started with 6 tablets a day but now down to one - I haven't had another episode now for two years .

    I always worry about toilets and do t go anywhere I haven't been before without doing research first as to where toilets might be. I have never had an episode of very urgent D whilst asleep but still get them when awake usually if I have been stupid enough to eat something I shouldn't.

    I have been on FODMAPS and gluten and lactose free for about 3 years now which has made a huge difference from what I used to have. You may also find that sel hypnosis might improve your symptoms. Try it helped me with the anxiety and gave me tips on how to cope with the anxiety and toilet issues.

  • Thanks for the reply j will look into all of these suggestions everyone is so helpful. Not quite sure what is going on with my system and that's quite scary.

  • Hi will I suffered with anorexia nervosa for years, and yes the anx as well, the blurry eyes and deafness, is quite common when you panic, try a brown bag, breath in and out slowly, it does seem to help, also a sweet drink, as your sugar levels drop really quickly which makes it worse. I know you are going to say a sweet drink will make your diarrhoea worse but not always

    I am so sorry you are suffering with this it is a nightmare and nobody understands the grief you go through every day. Anx will aggravate your IBS, and it's no good me saying try to stay calm, as I know how hard it is. I tried to find a hobby, but ended up loving house work to the point of OCD, but it kept my mind busy. After years of depression and all the crap that goes with it I tried to find out what triggered my anorexia, and ended up with a crash team taking me to hospital, but after a number of quacks I found my way. It took me years but I got there. Try and stay around people and don't be alone for too long, and if you ever need to chat or feel really bad, I am happy to listen ha read and you can vent to me.

    I really wish you the best of health and luck, and one day you WILL beat this bloody horrible A

  • Thanks blue. Like I said it's scary today as I don't know what's going on with my system and I've never had an episode of "d" while asleep! Is this common I wonder? Thanks again I so appreciate it. W

  • Not common for all but I am sure we all have had a accident, I know I have, especially if a bug accures, have you tried the rescue remedy from health food shops, it relaxes u a bit and can be taken at any time.

  • Thanks Blue. Yes I have rescue remedy in the car in my bag in my bedside locker!:) I also have Valium prescribed by counsellor who's helping me with anorexia. I assume if this is indeed a bug it will pass in a day or 2?(I thankfully don't get them very often). I'm just concerned as any "d" could effect all the good work I'm doing fighting the anorexia u know? Thanks again u are so kind. W

  • You are so welcome, keep up the good work with your Councillor You will be fine, will take time but you will get there will keep you in my Prayers.

  • Thank u blue. I know Prayers aren't considered "cool"these days but that's not something I care about. I'm very appreciative of your Prayers - Thank you so much. X

  • Please look at my page shon48 and hope it helps you like it has me.

  • Sorry to hear you are suffering!

    You are not alone!

    Try these things as they work for me:

    FODMAP diet.

    Heathers peppermint enteric coated tummy tamer's 20 mins before eating.

    Clever Cultures Bowel Calm probiotic pills once a day with food.

    Download the app: to relax.


  • Thanks bananadave I'm just in a bad way as I'm health phobic too and dunno if it's bad ibs or a bug. Have u ever heard of a "d" episode from ibs while asleep? It was so humiliating :(

  • Hi Will,

    Most of the time I have IBS-C, rarely do I get diarrhea. I though I would poo my bed the night before my colonoscopy due to the strong laxatives so I put plastic sheets under the cotton sheets.

    I'd really recommend trying the app:

    Stress is a real trigger for IBS and the headspace app really helps me relax.

    I also agree with gracesgrandma that you should see your GP.

    Also try the other suggestions I made earlier.

    Dave :)

  • Thanks again I really appreciate the support. I'm totally alone on this as in everything so I really appreciate it

  • Thanks again everyone. I'm feeling a little lightheaded now but I'm guessing it's anxiety? And maybe not eating due to "d"? I feel ridiculous sitting in tears a grown man terrified.

  • So day 3. Not half as bad as I was and starting to eat a little but really nervous. I assume this is all normal?

  • So I'm (finally) seeing the doctor tomorrow after last Thursday event that rocked my world. Any ideas wtf I should be asking? I know I need peace of mind but I also know that I need answers. Any help re questions I can ask?

  • Hi I know this was a fortnight ago but I'm curious as to how you got on? I am recovering from an ED too, as well as severe anxiety/depression and of course IBS. Currently going through one of my own "bad patches" (seems like such a lighthearted expression for something so terrifying!!) - how are you doing?

  • Hi pseudenim. Hope you are doing okay. Well the ibs has settled a little but with the anxiety there always that worry (comes with the territory!) I was terrified as amongst other things, I didn't want to lose any hard earned weight is put on in recovery. I lost a little but it's slowly coming back on! :). It is tough though isn't it. My anxiety has been quite high ever since but the. It's always unite high. (Apparently the lower the weight the higher the anxiety in my case!). I do hope you are doing okay. Feel free to reply anytime. w

  • Hi I' so so glad your weight is staying mostly stable and that you're able to bulk back up in time! Personally im struggling to understand how to deal with the causes for my anxiety, whats the difference between dwelling on things and facing them?! Who knows! We'll get there in time, its a rollercoaster :)

  • Hi pseudenim what's the difference indeed! I think when we are facing them we are pushing through them exhausting I know. The dwelling on them part? Well to me that's all part of the actual anxiety - to be able to switch that off would be great! I won't say I've bulked back up but I've managed it my body has to re-maintain what I'd lost. Still a long way to go. And of course anxiety burns calories! How ironic !!hope you are doing well today.

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