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Changing time of bm???

This is maybe not something anyone here can help much with but I'll give it a go.

After a nasty 6 week flare up, where I was having diarrhoea every morning from about 4am, things are settling down a bit for me.

My bowels seem to be settling in to a regular 5.30 am pattern though and this is a little early. I get mild cramps that wake me to go to the loo then I'll have a pretty normal bm but it's just a bit early. Been like this a few days now.

Any tips on changing this? Tia

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Sorry but I don't have an answer but someone else may know. Glad your tummy is settling down again now though.


What time do you have your evening meal, maybe if you had it an hour later you would need the loo an hour later next morning. Although with IBS maybe not as nothing makes sense to me 😀. Do you need Imodium for your diarrhoea, maybe take one before you go to bed?


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