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Feeling awful

It's day 5 of an horrendous flare up. Started with the usual cramps, gas and pain, now feeling nauseous and bloated and scared to eat, as that just causes pain and a dash to the loo. Also set off my acid reflux, so a double whammy! Am getting really stressed, as symptoms don't normally stay this bad for this long, not sure what to do to help myself. Drinking plenty of water, going to try soup, take anti spasmodic what else? Will it ever stop, feel so low and ill😥

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It will definitely stop, I promise, it just sucks when it's here :( It's great you're keeping up with your water and that you're going to try soup. Hopefully that anti spasmodic will help, I recommend taking enteric coated peppermint capsules too (that means they won't open in your stomach and cause reflux, and I've found they give me more time between flare-ups). Heat can help to calm the muscles in your bowel, a hot water bottle on your lower abdomen may help, I personally find it effective. I've found chewing on fresh ginger is very effective against nausea but I know some may not like to do that, so I recommend ginger root powder capsules, they help keep my nausea at bay daily. You can also try adding fresh ginger to your soup, whether you grate or slice it.

Take some deep breaths, don't push yourself or expect too much of yourself, and remember that this will pass. I know how you feel and I wish you the best.


Thanks, I've been using a hot water bottle and it has helped a bit. Think I've just got myself into such a state that I'm probably making things worse. Just when it keeps dragging on it brings you down, and you start to worry it's something sinister

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If you have time and the energy to make it a good bone broth is very healing. You can also add some fresh grated ginger to each individual serving if you wish though personally I prefer it without. There are many recipes on line. I use Hemsley and Hemsley recipe and cook in a slow cooker for 12 to 24 hours depending on if I'm using chicken or beef. Freezes well as individual servings or keeps in fridge for about 4 days. If I'm having a flare up I drink it at least 4 times a day and I eat bananas and very little else until it settles down. Works for me but we are all different.


Thanks for your help, can't face much at the moment. Got a docs app this afternoon as pain getting me down as no improvement, and worn out with worrying. Fingers crossed it gets sorted


Yeh hot water bottle. Peppermint capsules every day for me in morning and evening to stop any gas through day and it works a treat.

Also i take probiotics and digestives enzymes in morning and before dinner. That way it helps digest carbs.

I also eat no gluten, yeast or cowsmilk ( just soya milk or almond) i find this help with all the bloating and wind and sickness.I used to have a flare up once

A week now i have had one in 8 months! So there the proof.

Also when u do have a flare i find a good fast for one day and just eat gluten free dry crackers helps then it usually goes.

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