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Awful week

Just a bit of a moan really. 

Posted last week about the weird pale stools I had after too much wine last weekend. Everything seemed to be going back to normal but then I went out for a meal this weekend and had one glass of wine with it and then had sickness and d during the night. It seems alcohol and heavy meals really do not like me anymore. 

Also had a few instances last week when I was out and about and had to urgently find a toilet which always scares me and knocks my confidence. A few friends are planning a weekend away soon which will involve a long train journey and right now I just can't see me having the confidence to go :( 

I've just felt generally rubbish all week and if it doesn't improve I guess I'll need to visit my gp and ask for some tests. Hope everyone else is doing ok? 

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Sorry to hear but it is a way of life. You can't be sensible in the week and let go at the weekend. I suspect it's what was in the meal and the amount you are rather than the wine. You have to be so careful eating out as you have no control what's in it. I recently discovered that chips are off the menus in most places as they dust with flower to make them crispy. 

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See your GP and ask to be checked for gallstones. Mention everything you have told us.  


I think you are spot on and at the moment you need to heal and avoid big meals and alcohol - the body is telling you this. But it's good to check it out with your GP for your own piece of mind. When I have a flare up its several weeks before I can cope with anything but the blandest diet and lots of water. Good luck 😌From Annieofcornwall


Go on the train trip,wear a heavy pad or granny Knicks there are loos on trains and in stations, pack your small emergency bag of wipes knickers etc and bung up with  bananas and boiled eggs ahead of time! Bon courage!

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It may be that certain types of wine trigger your IBS. I only get a bad attack if I drink a large quantity of red wine. It may be the tannins and higher alcohols in red wine which cause the problem. I now avoid red wine altogether and stick to white wine or beer instead.



I have had exactly the same thing, many times .   The pale stools are probably simply due to the quick transit time between eating and needing to rush to the loo. 

I like to have an alcoholic drink in the evening , --a vodka and coke pre meal ,or a glass or two of wine ( usually white).   If I am out or have friends/family round and have a little too much it sparks off an attack--sometimes pains, lots of gas and D in middle of night or next morning.  It feels like your body wants to purge something from your system. 

I started to get the pains yesterday afternoon on the golf course after a few drinks on Saturday--fortunately I made it to the clubhouse.  I always carry Loo paper and wet wipes etc --just in case.   When it starts, you know it is not going to be good and panicking just makes it worse.   Often , I just tell myself ,I will feel better when the culprit food or drink is eliminated.

By all means see your GP but I think you will find that it is just normal IBS and alcohol in almost any form is a very likely trigger, just the same as many other foods.   It is not great having what is labelled IBS and as I started with it at age 21 and I will be 70 this year , I have to say it seems a condition for life.   You do get better at avoiding attacks and coping better but it is always there in your mind, especially going anywhere . 

My strong advice would be just accept it , there are worse things to have.  If you keep worrying about it and going to doctors  ( as I have done for many years),  you will never get any freedom from the condition.   Just accept it , maybe even embrace it, -just say to yourself I have delicate or dodgy guts but I will get by.

I don't think there is a cure because everybody you read about has different triggers and symptoms , doctors just call it IBS because they simply don't know anything else. If they eliminate other things that affect the Bowel then its IBS. 

I hope some of this helps but my main message is do not do as I have done and worry about it all the time --it only makes things worse.   Take a preventative dose of Immodium before you go on your trip and some Immodium instants with you and you will be fine.



Dear Will1234 I like what you say about accepting and even embracing having dodgy, delicate guts. Right now by adopting this thinking, plus a huge helping of self compassion, I feel I am making progress at finding peace with my condition. What is more, I have noticed that certain pains and flare ups are warning signs telling me that, if I have the courage, I need to speak out and be assertive about something that is going on in my life; to share it, ask for support, stop beating myself up and punishing myself for not getting it right. Some of my pain is definitely linked to anxiety. I am learning to find ways of dealing with the particular life situation that may be leading to a specific pain. 

I accept of course that this is not the case for everyone by any means and it may be of no help to littlemissbee - i do feel for you. I notice you say a few friends are planning a weekend away trip. I ask this in a gentle way and not a threatening/attacking way - would you like to go away on a trip with your friends? is it ok to be part of the planning of the weekend which accommodates your needs, is it ok to just say I don't fancy doing that if this is the case. I ask these questions because this is what i am learning about myself.

with very best wishes



Will 1234.

I also play golf and take immodium before a round as need to be able to relax and not worry.

Luckily I dont play every day !

I am 71and have ibs for years.


Hi calista,

Yes immodium every day would be a problem.   Sometimes I don't take anything before playing and other times I just feel the need ,as a precaution.    It often seems worse if going somewhere different to play and you start worrying about letting people down etc.

I find another problem is having to eat very little prior to playing.  I now carry glucose tablets, as sometimes my blood sugar drops ,probably due to not eating enough and that causes another range of bad symptoms. 

Four hours plus on a golf course can be a challenge but I don't want to give in and let the condition control me.   Silicolgel I find , is also helpful.   It used to be worse when I was younger and played in a lot of open competitions etc.

Hope you are keeping well.


Hi Will 

Thank you for replying.

Good to hear from another golfer with this problem.

I dont actually know anyone personally with ibs  d.

I live in glucose barly sweets too...

Really I think its more nervous urgency a lot if the time.

Like you I dont want to give up golf as it is my outlet.

I used to play Bridge but gave up as a few times I held up the whole competition having to use the loo. So embaressing.

Anyhow I dont miss it!

I will try silicol gel. Thanks for hint.

I dont think there is any cure either although one person on here said she was cured by taking Phenergan tabs.

Best wishes.



Hi Calista,

I don't know of any other golfers with IBS but I am sure there are plenty.   I have mentioned it to friends ,without going into detail, but I don't think they really understand.

Keep swinging.



Don't cancel your trip.  Do as already suggested.  Take Immodium, wipes, spare underwear and pull ons or pads.  I travel and will be travelling at the end of the month and at the end of June in Europe.  I am determined to carry on doing the things I love and refuse to let this awful condition beat me.  Come on now, take your courage in both hands and go for it.  Make sure you know where the loo is on the train and try and sit near it just in case.

Good luck and enjoy your trip.

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Thank you all so much for your kindness and support. In the past I have always tried so hard to push on and stick to my plans. I know that once I take the easy option and cancel once, it'll be so much harder next time and then my life quickly becomes a slippery slope. My friends do know I suffer to some extent but they don't know how bad and my very real fear of actually having an accident is not something I feel comfortable sharing. 

I just know I'll get myself in such a panic that it'll sap the enjoyment anyway but I do feel I have to fight it and come to terms with things. I've just been feeling so rubbish lately that I've had no desire to do anything other than be comfortable at home anyway. I forced myself to go out for that meal and afterwards felt so bad it just didn't seem worth it. 

Today I felt bad at work and I had a meeting to go into. I got myself in such a state and dashed off to the loo three times before going in. Once in there I was ok, it was just the anxiety of thinking I'd need to go during the meeting. I feel sure 80% of this is in my head. 

Anyway sorry rambling on again and thank you all for your suggestions. I do feel that at some point I need to push for more tests but I'll try and manage as best as I can for now. 


I was exactly like you and realised most of my symptoms stemmed from getting anxious about getting symptoms. So much so I hardly ever went out. Then I decided my life was rubbish and so was my loved ones as they had to miss out too. That's when I took control, these are the two things that have given me my life back. Firstly I read the book Rewire your anxious brain' it helped me understand how the brain works and why you get the symptoms. Then I read about this program of self hypnosis (and believe me no-one could have been more sceptical about it working than me) but I was desperate and willing to give anything a go. Well for the first time in years I can go out without checking where the loos are and without carrying spare clothes, wet wipes etc and without having to take immodium etc. It has given me my life back. It is called the ' IBS Audio Program 100' (google it). I'm not saying it will work for everyone but it is brilliant at helping you relax and deal with anxiety. It isn't free but it was worth every penny. I still have the occasional constipation but never get that horrible scary urgent need to go anymore. Good luck and hope you feel better soon x


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