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Aggravating of IBS. Other possible causes?

Have been under a lot of pressure recently due to chronic stress and panic attacks. This has aggravated my IBS and its symptoms considerably causing feelings of nausea and a sense of fullness in my stomach.

Is it possible this has caused other problems in addition to IBS? And what long term effects can stress do with regards to IBS?Worried about things like cancer? Is there anything, aside from exercise, that can help reduce the impact of stress etc and its symptims?

Also, keep hearing about different versions of IBS(C, D?). Can someone explain these and their symptoms and effects on the body.

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Hi Lydia are you a naturally stressed person? If so I would recommend mindfulness, yoga, meditation or cognitive behavioural therapy if severe. Or simply long walks each day or any exercise. Ibs d is diarrhoea and c is constipation. I have a combination of both but mainly I control mine by having low fermentation foods (Low Fodmap) and taking daily probiotic. I have recently found that I have threadworms, so I am naturally clearing these using pumpkin seeds (two tablespoons daily), oregano oil (two drops in water) and coconut. It clears most gut parasites and Candida. I found that my build up of bad bacteria over time was causing the IBSD. Good luck in your quest for good health!

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Am i easily stressed out, thesedays, for sure. All these suggestions sound great, Natcat. Exercise is a bit problematic as I am disabled and getting out and about is extremely difficult for me. I, too, suffer from constipation and take fybogel for this, but still problems. Will look into low fodmap. Already take daily probiotic, with prebiotic in them too. Will try some pumpkin seeds and oregano too to see if that works. For sure, I believe that quite a bit of the problem is lack of exercise...


Hi. Yes I can sympathise with your flare ups. Me too

I seem to go for a while all ok then the nausea bloating and feeling of exhaustion comes, that's where I am today! Am wondering if it's related to stressful time over Xmas. I take peppermint tea all the time and a pro biotic. I try to eat lots of veg fruit and fish, but bouts seem to occur following stress!

I hope the new year brings peace and less stress for us all ! Good luck. X


Yes, that's it. Nausea bloating and feelings of exhaustion. I eat all the right food too, veg, fruit etc, but I believe that stress and not being able to exercise properly are the major factors to my bad health. Thanks for your best wishes. Hope yours in a good year too ..

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