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Reducing codeine

I have been taking codeine 30/500 for chronic back pain for a long time. But the last 2 years my ibs has became a daily struggle and i think some of this may be becuase iv been on painkillers so long. So i have managed to reduce my dose from 8 a day to 4 at the moment. This has been done over 2 weelks and during those 2 weeks i have felt terrible. I dont know if its ibs playing up or reducing the codeine dose thats causing it. Aswell as all the usual crap ibs d syptoms im now getting periods where my heart starts racing and i start sweating feel sick and dizzy and i get a sinking feeling in my belly. Iv also had a flare up if ibs cramps which i havnt experienced for a while. Theycome out of nowhere with no warning and i forgot how painful they are. Im so fedup of feeling ill i just want to get i to the xmas spirit but the truth is when i get in from work i just want to crawl into bed. Anyone have any ideas xx

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Codiene is highly addictive your sweats and palpitations sound like withdrawal. You need to see a dr if your reducing down. The codeine would have made you very constipated as well. You really should have been on a mild stool softener with it like sodium docusate.


Today is the first day iv felt better thank goodness. But i think codeine works on everyone differently. In the whole timei have taken it i have never been constipated. I had to go on amitryptaline to stop the diarrhoea. Its been my god send as i have been able to get back to some sort of normality


It's a great idea to reduce codeine - but a huge sudden change for your body. Your body is already coping with quite a lot of things, and needs gentle handling.

I would suggest talking to your doctor about this if you haven't already, and reducing amounts really slowly to allow your body to adapt.

Ask your doctor how you can support your body during this change. You could well find that rest and meditation also are of a huge benefit.

In my experience chronic pain has a root. You may find that your IBS has the same one, or a related one. If you can find and address the root causes, it is possible to slowly but surely recover from it. Maybe you are ready to start looking for that root.

As it's difficult to get to see a doctor over Christmas, I would start with this and see if consciously doing this several times a day gives you any relief (I imagine even a little relief would be useful): sickofibs.com/well-being/a-...

Hope this helps - even a little,


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Thankyou for your lovely reply alison you sound like a such a gentle caring soul. I have often thought i would love to begin meditating this should be my new years resolution. Hopefully we will all feel more well in mind and body this time next year sometimes we just lose our way and also lose a little hope for whatever reason xx


I have been there too, Montykat - and I have finally recovered from IBS. I brushed aside meditation for years as some practice that wasn't my thing. And when I finally started I didn't really understand what it was all about, or feel any good at it. But I kept at it, hoping it would help me somehow.

Now it is something I make sure I do every day because it keeps me and my health balanced.

I started using the free Calm.com app. Why not give it a whirl?



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