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Motion Potion

Sounds crazy but has anyone tried 'Motion Potion'? I was buying a probiotic in a local health food shop & they recommended this. It's Australian & has only just hit the UK. They gave me 3 small sample packets but I haven't tried it yet. I think you can ask for samples on their website. It seems to great reviews for IBS & Diverticulitis etc. In typical Oz style the marketing for it is pretty cool actually.

The girl in the shop told me to start with a lesser amount than the recommended does & to drink loads of water after. I'm thinking of starting it tomorrow. I'd be interested to hear if anyone else is aware of it/has tried it.


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Do you think anyone can take it... I seem to have trouble with yogurts that contain probotics and i cant consume things with barley in (or else I just feel extremely unwell)

Probably means not right for me 😔 but hope it's helpful to others


I'm not sure to be honest, it may not be right for you if it has barley although you could try getting the samples. You never know.


Hi, it sounds a good find hope it continues to work for you. Which do you suffer from, is it ibsd or ibsc, and do you know if ot is available in Holland and Barrett?


I'm a strange one as I don't come under either of those. I have around 7 BM's every day with stringy stools but never feel like I've completely emptied and have left side stomach/back pain. I had a colonoscopy 4 weeks ago & was diagnosed with Diverticulosis.

I don't think it's in H&B at the mo. The health shop I use in Glasgow is a small family run place and they're usually on the ball with getting in new products like this.


No haven't heard of it . Be interested to see how you get on though


That sounds promising loopy I may look into that myself as I suffer from ibs too and my sister lives in Australia and she said thier healthcare is way ahead of the healthcare in England so might be good thanks for the info loopy hope it works for you chrissyx


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