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OK, I'm relatively new to this forum but after reading a number of posts I'm impressed with the knowledge and help provided by you guys and gals.

I went to my GP and handed them the symptoms I'd been having (stomach cramps, wind, bloating, unanticipated diarrhoea or constipation) and the foods I know give me problems (sweetcorn, peas and a number of others). The doctor was really good. Gave me a Low and High FODMAP list and told me to try this. It worked and when I went back was told it was probably IBS but that was it.

I'm struggling all the time lately and so so uncomfortable. I work shifts so my symptoms are exasperated when I'm tired resulting in a lot of abdominal pain and trapped wind which is keeping me awake so caught in a spiralling cycle. Random and sudden diarrhoea. I have tried my mum's IBS (non-prescription medication) which offers some relief. I could go on..

Where do I go from here? My wife says I need to go back to the GP (and they are really good) but I don't know what to do in the mean time!?

Any advice?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi there.boy do I hate the words it's probably IBS .so many GP,s use this term far to often.i am not saying your doctor is wrong ,but do think we are all entitled to rule out other things first before guessing what it might be.he should at least check for H Poli by a stool check and either an ultra scan to check kidneys,liver,gallbladder etc.also a colonoscopy to rule out diverticulosis and see if you have any problems with your colon.i had after many docs visit a stool test.which was positive (I suggested it ) also had an ultra scan showed polop on gallbladder.i have had a. Ct scan and awaiting results this week..maybe if the food map does not help .maybe you could suggest some tests from your doctor.i know NHS is cutting back on spending and understand why but nobody should suffer without tests..hope this helps and good luck .


Hi there, I totally agree with Gettingoldnow in that I also can't believe how some doctors just say 'oh it's probably IBS'. How on earth do they know what is wrong unless they carry out tests. You need to have various tests to rule out any other illnesses before they can say it's IBS.

You say your doctor was really good, he/she may have listened but they certainly don't seem to have done much else i.e. booked you in for any tests so I would go back and say that you aren't improving so would like to be checked out. I had a Colonoscopy and Endoscopy before I was diagnosed.

Wishing you well.



Just to let you know how important tests are ultrasound never showed anything wrong with overies but C T scan has.not that it will apply to you being a male .if you know something is wrong get it checked out


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