Hi folks,

I’ve had lupus 11yrs, Fibromyalgia 6yrs & IBS off/on pretty much since my teens (now 46). I was able to manage it with Colpermin & a probiotic so it didn’t affect my life too much. Then in February this year I started having daily lower stomach cramps, back pain & going to the toilet 6 times a day. It’s not diarrhoea though. Sometimes after I eat the pain is on the left side midway down & occasionally I’m sick. There’s no blood in my stools & ive not lost weight. It hasn’t let up at all.

I’m due to have both a gastroscopy & colonoscopy on Wednesday as doc thinks I may have diverticulitis or the beginnings of. I’m also menopausal & have read that your bowel habits can change dramatically due to lack of hormones. Or it could be the lupus causing inflammation in my gut/intestines. I have a good diet & the FODMAP didn’t make any difference to me.

Any help or advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks

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  • Please ask your doctor to check u for Dysbiosis.

  • Thanks, I did ask my GP but he felt it was unlikely. I will ask the consultant on Wednesday.

  • Good luck on Weds, I had similar symptoms and a CT scan did diagnose diverticulitis, they didn’t do a colonoscopy as it was flaring and infected . I hope they can give you advice as I have had none, just go back to GP if I keep getting symptoms.

  • Thanks, I’m desperate for answers but nervous too. My consultant has been great so far.

  • Hope you got on ok, have they checked your gallbladder as since I replied I had results from CT scan and I have gallstones. I looked this up on NHS and the symptoms are those I have been suffering for most of my life.

  • Yes that was one of the first things they checked. I had an ultrasound of my Gallbladder and spleen. Plus I don’t have any pain or discomfort on the right side, it’s all in the left where they found the Diverticulitis.

    What’s the next steps for you?

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