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Flare up following virus

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Hi All, i am new to here but not new to IBS, i have suffered for several years but with reducing stress and managing my food triggers, i had things under control until about 4 weeks ago when i got a flu type virus which travelled down and became a tummy bug, since then i have been really poorly, i have been to docs who has given medication to help with the pain. i have two questions really, the first one....Each morning, i have anywhere between two - five bouts of dodgy tummy within about the first two hours of being up but then nothing until the following morning, does anyone else get this? Secondly has anyone used Arsen.alb to treat the diahorrea part of IBS or what does anyone else recommend!

Thanks all

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I could be wrong but it sounds to me like you still have some of the virus in your system. I caught a tummy bug last December, the first one I'd had since I was 18, I'm now 58, and I felt really well after the bug left my system and have been fine ever since. What I mean by fine is that my symptoms were no worse following the bug.

Have you been back to the doctors to say that your tummy is still upset?

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I had a flare after I had a cold so its not just you.

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