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Just looking for suggestions or a different ear to bend :

Don't really know where to start .... Multiple things going on

Did the Barium upper GI Swallow and turned this up after three trips to different Emergency rooms . Thought Heart attack once, Appendicitis the next .

No Cardio issues found so very grateful for that after the usual follow ups

Ive been diagnosed with IBS / GERD, a Hiatal Hernia and lucky me ... an esophageal thing called a Schatzki Ring . [ In process of scheduling the EGD with the GI folks to get it dilated ]

Eating is a nightmare, I am intolerant to Dairy, Gluten [ being checked again for Celiacs] , and all legumes [ soy anything, beans, peas etc] .and No Nightshades. I have lost 30 lbs since January, and am currently hovering ~ 155 ish but had cut out most processed sugar , so some of the weight loss can be attributed to that

With the Schatzki ring swallowing is intermittently either ok or ridiculously difficult so I have been as of late blending fruit, nuts, berries , juice and some kind of greens [ spinach etc ] for some kind of nutritional value as well as drinking bone broth , water and using the Natural Calm w/ Calcium stuff to balance my electrolytes .

The usuals are out , Chocolate, Fatty foods, any kind of carbonated beverage ... NO CAFFEINE at all

Breathing after I've eaten something is sometimes , well don't want to say difficult, but it definitely isn't normal .. Kind of feels like I can't catch my breath , but then it clears after whatever is apparently stuck in my neck clears the SR and goes into the stomach .

Wondering is you all had any suggestions for high calorie [ not junk] food that is somewhat palatable and easy to swallow ?

I don't know from day to day whether the GERD/ IBS will be active enough that I have to stay in Sweatpants/ Track pants or if I can actually get dressed and feel human [ lol]

Fortunately I am blessed that I can telecommute from home, so the only major anxiety is when I absolutely have to travel somewhere to a office or a client meeting

Its becoming frustrating , and frankly is taking a toll on everything

Any thought would certainly be appreciated

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Hi so sorry you feel so low, this is a rubbish disease and there are no quick answers. I have had several flares lately and eating is getting a nightmare.

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Thanks for the kind words

Not everyday is a bad feeling , there is a brief respite once and again that I can pul it together for the next instance [preaching to the choir ... sorry]

It helps knowing someone else can understand, because everyone just says wow you lost some weight ...you look good ..

Not actually helpful , but what else are they going to say lol

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