when ll got up this morning l had to use the bathroom. But seemed l needed to have a bowel movement still. Used the bathroom pretty good. But still felt l needed to pass more. l did take linzess this morning.....and passed more stool. So l took the linzess 290. I did have a bowel movement but later the cramping. Had colon test nothing found. l really cannot figure out the cramping.t.. l feel i should not have taken linzess after l had bowel movements on my own.

Hoping to get some advice please. Also should l go ahead and eat for lunch anyway?

Thanks So Much!

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  • Sorry but I have never taken Linzess but have used the toilet on a number of occasions and can't seem to go all at once.

    I hope someone is able to give you an answer.

  • I am not sure what your question is. I take Linzess and you do go to the toilet a few times. I take it in the evening and after a couple of hours all cleared out.

  • Pat what time in the afternoon do you take Linzess. I would rather try

    it in the afternoon. Thanks

  • I take mine in the evening when I get home from work and it works within a couple of hours. I have something to after 15 minutes as I find it is more effective that way. You may be different. I don’t think it matters what time if the day you take it. I prefer taking later in the day. Do you take yours with food?

  • You know Pat1 l follow the instructions to a tee... And from what l read from other people of other sights also ,,,l do not believe it matters. What works good for you. I would rather take it during the day with food. Thanks Pat1 for your reply, l need to experiment myself because you know l dread getting up and starting the routine with it!!

  • I tried taking it first thing in the morning 30 minutes before breakfast (as recommended) but found that I couldn't leave the house in time for work, etc. So I've found that taking it at night time just before I go to sleep (and about an hour after my last meal of the day) has helped - I wake up and always have to go straight away. Hope that helps!

  • I took Linzess in the morning as prescribed. It made me “go”, but my stomach pain got worse so I stopped. Now my pain is at a 9 most of the time and I don’t take anything but stool softeners at night. IBS is a horrible illness that has ruined my life. I wish better for you........

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