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Why are these foods triggers?

Certain foods seem to really trigger ibs symptoms:

Jam, whipped cream, potato chips, hot dogs / processed meats. What do they all have in common?

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I suggest you ask your doctor for a test for Dysbiosis.

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They are all high fat, apart from the jam. Anything high fat can set mine off. What are you eating the jam with? Could that be triggering it?

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Jam is normally a trigger if it has seeds in it as they're difficult for the bowel to break down, buy seedless jam.

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I studied nutrition at uni and have PV and a rare disorder called Histamine Intolerance ( this won't be your problem by the way but do read on)

All the foods you're eating are fast food / basically rubbish and what are known as "empty nutrition " i.e. Full of calories but zero nutritional value.

They do,more importantly , cause massive inflammation in your body.

There isn't t enough space here to go into inflammation but it really does cause havoc in our bodies. I'm not loopy, or someone who's vegan or vegetarian and I don't bay to the moon! I eat ABSOLUTELY normally - but I only eat foods that are home made i.e. No fast foods, no foods premade such as ready made Tesco Sainsbury's M and S etc. - look on the back of the packets at all the additives, preservatives etc.

(Don't bother going to see your gp sadly they're not trained in food and nutrition and don't realise the impact that certain foods have on our bodies)

I would suggest that

1) you google " impact of inflammatory foods on our bodies" - you will of course read some excellent stuff - you'll also read some rubbish. Sift through it.

2) steer clear of ALL high fat high sugar foods if you can - and ALL fast foods foods except very very occasionally. See if you feel any better. Processed meats are particularly horrible. Why not simply buy a lamb steak or a decent piece of organic chicken? Don't howl with derision at the word organic either - you only have to remember the news report of how factories treat chicken that's for sale in our supermarkets under the label " free range"

Just for info there is some research being done in the US by Ruben Mesa and his team at the Mayo Clinic re the effect that inflammatory fast foods have on MPN's.......

Hope that helps.




Very good answer there Louise and you are so right. I bought a tub of ice cream for my hubby the other day as he said he fancied some (he has been incapacitated as he broke his ribs recently so couldn't come shopping with me). I was dishing his ice cream when I looked at the ingredients and thought that I wouldn't buy that again. I will now go back to making my own, which I used to years ago. I made some custard the other night which was good (I don't eat desserts very often so these are mainly for my husband). I much prefer the taste of homemade food and cannot wait to use my new slow cooker.


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Hi I’m new on here I am interested in how you found out you had histamine intolerance Louise? I have had IBS for years and have now been diagnosed with diverticulitis. I put myself on an elimination diet as my bowel and my eczema were flaring badly.I have found a lot of things I react to and the list is growing. GP doesn’t help so ai am looking at self help. I am hardly eating anything and struggling to work as so weak now. Thanks Jacki


Hi Jacki,

I was incredibly lucky and a simple conversation alerted me to HI - I never knew it existed.

We all have histamine in bodies, we produce it when we think, when we eat and digest food, many foods contain it, and many other foods trigger its production. Many drugs also induce our bodies to produce histamine. - for instance, morphine....

When I thought I might have HI I spent hours on tinternet reading as much as I could.

I would suggest you find a good functional medicine practitioner Jacki. They're expensive, and could cost up to £1500 in diagnosis and treatment.

The NHS certainly won't be able to help I'm afraid as most doctors are incredibly ignorant.

Did you know there are about 33 forms of gluten intolerance? I.e. Coeliac. The NHS test for 3.

Do not stop eating Jacki, what can you eat?

If you send me your email I can send as much info as I can.

HI affects only 1:100,000 people.

I would ask though, have you had numerous courses of antibiotics, or prolonged antibiotic treatment?

I'm not a doctor though, have to stress that, and can only relate my own experience.

My email is



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Hi thanks I am new on here, I only wondered as my mum had exactly the same symptoms as me and I am slowly following the same pattern as her. She had lots of antibiotics, I had when I was small due to ear infections etc. I have always had some allergy to foods, but the list is now growing strawberries,kiwi, banana, soya, tomatoes, potatoes, .I am waiting allergy tests in Jan. the reactions are getting worse and I also can’t eat seeds, nuts, too much fatty stuff, too much fibre. I just don’t know what to eat other than chicken soup, ginger tea and coconut water. The odd rice cake and porridge too.


Blimey. Google leaky gut.

As I said I would be surprised if the NHS can help but you never know.

Can you eat lean meat, non matured cheese such as halloumi, mozzarella?

What about eggs and dairy stuff?


Hi yes I already had worked out from the reactions that I probably had leaky gut, but GP and consultant wouldn’t take that onboard. That is why I went on the elimination diet. I have just looked online at the histamine intolerance and it could be a possibility. I am going to make an appointment with a nutritionist/ herbalist. Thank you for your support.


I had bad eczema and hives and ibs and terrible constipation and bowel pain.. found out i was gluten and dairy intolerant since stopping 8 months ago it all gone.... turns out me intolerance was making my skin bad aswell as belly...

Mayb u are intolerant... mayb try goin gluten free for month then dairy free for month

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Hi thanks but I have been gluten and dairy free for many years, it hasn’t really helped much and isn’t helping the massive flares I am getting. I think I have leaky gut but GP and Consultant won’t even entertain that one. Just a case of elimination diet and adding things slowly to check what causes a flare and if it is my skin, my IBS, my diverticulitis or migraines 😂🤣


Apart from the jam they are full of fat and, sorry to say it, rubbish. Also the jam is full of sugar which makes you sluggish and it isn't good to eat too much sugar. I cook from scratch so I know exactly what is in my food.


Thanks! I'm afraid ease, laziness and price have slowly eroded the meaning of good nutritious food.

Sadly, many people seem to think that buying crap is better than cooking.

Heaven help children in the future, no wonder the incidence of cancer is now 1:3!

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Cream is dairy which usually effect ibs.... i cant eat it either i have gone to soya milk and butter.

All the other im afraid to tell u is processed crap food, no good nutrition just high fat and sugar, jam is one of the highest things for sugar and the hot dogs and stuff is just processed crap prob hardly any meat in there.

The only way to treat ibs is by eating healthy, im sorry i know people dont wana hear this but it true...

For years ive suffered it only this year i ended up in hosp with biggest flare up ever i gave in and i do not eat gluten, dairy or yeast and all my ibs symtoms have gone... and two stone with it....


everyone's different with the things that set them off. With me mustard, chutney, cabbage, onions, garlic, muesli, artificial sweeteners, coffee, horseradish sauce and too much stress set me off.

I find sometimes I can eat something without problems and then the next time it causes problems which usually happens when I have too much stress.

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in January I was diagnosed with Bile Salt Malabsorption. Basically if I eat anything with any fat I have terrible diarrhoea. I'm a coeliac, have lactose intolerance, BSM and also IBS. I can understand the ham, I can't eat anything in the berry family or any fruits with high acidity. No tea or coffee. No gluten or wheat, no lactose, nothing in the onion family. Just come back from a Sunday lunch and I thought I was okay, but boy have such an upset stomach. I don't normally eat red meat but did today so can only think it was this. Ask to see if you can get BSM test done


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