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Hi all

I have posted about this before, so apologies if you have already replied. Every month on the run up to my period my ibs d is terrible. I have approached my doctor and she totally dismissed me, stating there is no link and sent me off for more blood tests. I know my own body and I'm sure there is. My bloods came back showing my iron levels are low, so now I'm on iron tablets which I am sure will make my ibs worse. Anyone else had a similar experience. Thanks Claire x

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Absolutely! Same thing happens to me every month. It starts about a week before my period and sticks around until just after. I’ve read that there is a strong hormonal connection with IBS. My iron is also low, but my dr decided to try a b vitamin complex to raise the iron level and protect my tummy.


Thanks for your reply, I feel so much better for knowing I am not alone and that I am right. I am so annoyed with my GP. I am going to ask for the medication you have, as I am convinced that the iron tablets will make my tummy and diarrhea worse. As for the hormone link my GP refused to give me anything but I do have Tranexamic acid which I hope will help.


Hi there Claire, what a load of tosh, your doctor is completely wrong as I have seen a fair few posts on here that say hormones are a link to IBS. I read a post earlier this year where someone stopped using her topical hormone cream (this is cream you use when you are going through the menopause) and about 4 months or so later her IBS symptoms have all but gone. I was using topical cream as well and stopped using it quite a while ago now, say 3 months, and I'm not as bad as I was.

Follow your own mind and keep with this forum, you know your own body!!



Hi Alicia

Thanks for your reply. You are quite right. It really does annoy me that my doctor totally dismissed me. I also know that I am peri menopause but again it was dismissed because I'm 45. I know I'm right and have booked to see another GP. Thanks for your support.


So glad you have booked to see your GP, you know your own body, they don't know everything. I might not be a doctor but I know myself when things aren't right with my body.

All the very best.

Take care

Alicia :)


Hi Claire, I agree with the others, there is definitely a link between ibs and hormones. I was always worse during a period, and also noticed it around ovulation, and the menopause was pretty awful too. But everywhere you look on the web it always says there is a link, I am sure that's why more women than men have it. Maureen.


Hi Maureen. Thanks for your reply. I am definitely going to stick with it. I too am worse around ovulation as well. I can't understand why my GP would not have it. Well I'm going to see another so fingers crossed xx


Hi there yes I did! Then I went vegetarian quit eating meat and it totally went away!!! I did it for ethical reasons but added bonus! I actually discovered you can be sensitive to meat. Oh and I'm lactose intolerant too so slowly going vegan. I can't have soya milk though as that I'm sensitive too. Oh and my Doctor said avoid gluten on period and eggs bad too. Oh and I have special painkillers too! I'm much better now! 😊My dietician discharged me cos I was more healthy. Obviously I get period cramps but the painkillers work on them now! They never used to before! I literally thought I was going to die every month before I went vegetarian the pain was so severe I was on the floor balled up in absolute agony going hot and cold and thinking this is it. So glad I change my diet.


Hi. Thanks for your reply. I eat alot of eggs so I am wondering if they are a problem for me. I too am lactose intolerant but I'm OK with Gluten. I follow the Fodmap diet and just avoid dairy. I know my hormones are a problem, and have just come to expect it so I try not to plan things around them. I'm just so pleased I'm not alone xx

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Your welcome! No your not alone! Yeah I'd try cutting out the eggs then for a bit see how that goes for you. You might be ok with odd one but too many they are bad for bloating I was told that. Good luck!


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