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Pilocarpine Salagen

Hi Everyone

I am not sure if there has been a post on here recently regarding Salagen. I did one last year when I was having trouble locating it . Well today I learnt from my Rhumy nurse that Pilocarpine/ Salagen is no longer being made and once the stock has been depleted there will be no more. I know it has been extremely difficult to actually get hold of it for the last 6 months. However I was told that the eye drops taken orally are just the same just but in a different form . Sounds strange but I think it is 2 drops = 1 tablet . I am waiting to hear from the nurse what % strength is required, but luckily i have a new box of Pilocarpine so am not in need of any yet. Just thought I would let everyone know in case they were in the dark like I was.

Love & Light



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