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Weird ongoing headache stressing me out

Hi All. I am new to this, this is my first ever post. Hope ur all in good health. 😊

Recently i have been suffering from these headaches. The pain will come for a few mins and them go away. Its in the left side of my head, it alos raditaes to the temples at times. I also feel a fullness or pressure around the head and neck. This only occurs when i get up from a sitting position. It is not effecting my sleep but sometimes is there when i wake up. The pain the comes is not so severe but painful amd eventually will go away. My vision is normal i do at occasionaly feel a fullness in my ears. But thats very rare. Ive beem to the doctors, they diagnosed it as tension headaches. I feel like to pay the GP another visit. Any suggestions or advise as to what it may be? Anybody encountered any simillar experiences??? Please please advise.

Thank you in advance.

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Hi there SKtm, I have never experienced any headaches at all with IBS and I was diagnosed with the condition in 1996/7. I would definitely go back to the doctors as something does not sound right.

Hope you get some answers from your GP.

Best of luck


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