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Just poking around

I was just hoping to avoid another hypochondriacal visit to the doctor by nosing thru these posts. I reached a point where I had to sign up or go. Well, I didn't realize signing up meant being responsible for a news feed. I just spent the last 2 days researching having my own blog and blah blah blah...long story short, I have that same pain in my right side. Feels like I got punched between bottom rib and hip. Had it about a week or so..if memory serves I've experienced this before. I don't want to go to the doctor because one of the many things I suffer from is fibromyalgia so if I complain of something and nothing is found it looks like I'm being a hypochondriac which was basically was my nickname growing up..

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I know what you mean about being called a hypochondriac but trust me the symptoms are real. I went to an accupunturest and my fibro is basically gone I highly recommend it for that get a good one. I have been sick my whole life with my stomach and bowels so go to good kinesiologist to help with the IBS they can muscle test you on foods your body doesn't want and that will help as well.


Hi there Kimmiejo, I've just read your reply to Waykat with interest. What I am interested in is a good Kinesiologist, I didn't know you could be muscle tested on foods, I will look through the internet for that. My one question is, how do you know if you have found a good Kinesiologist?

Thanks very much



I went to one that helped with the food but then told me I was fine could go back to eating what I wanted then I got sick all over again that was a quack. Then the guys building my house recommended one she was great used her for years until she passed away now I have no one but look for the reccomendations and play it by how well you feel after a few visits. I live in a small town away from bigger ones so hard to get to another kinesiologist. Think I need to again


Thank you and how hard that must have been for you when the one you used for a very long time passed away. It is so difficult these days and I sometimes think because of the internet as anyone could create a website and say they can help you, you have to be so cautious. So sorry you ended up with a quack.

I'll have a look and see if there is one near me and look for any recommendations.


Yes it was hard as doctors don't understand me at all I am different then most people with intolerances and allergies etc. I could spend 500.00 at the doctors and have them say can't find any thing wrong come back in a couple of days if still bad and we will run more test. she was great she fixed me in one visit for free. I had my seventh cervical out in my neck causing me to shake uncontrollably with zero energy to stand up. I was shaking so bad the nurses would say are you cold do you want a warm blanket. I said no I am not cold i would stand up and I would drain everything out of me and want to fall down but nothing was wrong they said. When I went to her she muscle tested me found out my neck was out and popped me in she said it was from a chlorinated pool my body can't do chemicals so my pool now is cleaned with pool or food grade hydrogen peroxide. Wonderful women. So miss her. Wish she was here to help me now. I could post wonderful things on here to help others


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