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Waiting for teats

Hi there,

Just waiting to hear when I'm to go for a lactose test - I've read up on NHS website what happens and a tad worried that it's going to set my stomach off badly!

I'm also waiting for the double camera test too.

Strange thing is the specialist wants me to eat gluten for a minimum period of 4 weeks before hand and 2 weeks before stop taking all my stomach meds and rely on just gavisgon.

I started taking amytriptalin 10mg and tried to up to 20mg on advice from my gp as I feel it has sort of taken the edge of daily episodes but found it a step to far on 20 as I have a fast paced job and it was a case of " lights on but no one in" admittedly I only did this for 3 days and gave up!

The specialist has said I need to up it to 30 to really make it worth while. He told me to take a 5 day weekend to get over worst side effects.

Discussion with my gp I will go up to 25 and stabilise then go to 30 around a week later!!

I'm just grateful to have a gp that cares enough and that the specialist reassured me what I was telling him he'd heard many times but he wanted to rule everything out!

He said he actually thinks just eating is causing the problems right now because my system is super sensitive after so many years with ibs etc.

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God hate predictive text - that's tests not teats lol


Don't know about the test but I've been on 25 amitriptyline for years and it's the only thing that helps with ibs. Still get bouts, tried different doses but 25 works best for me . Good luck


Don't worry about the lactose test - the amount they give you is tiny (10ml I think), so unless you're borderline allergic I don't think it will upset you too much. Good luck!

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