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Tried and tested cramp relief. If sort of TMI for some

Ok at the beginning of my IBSD I suffered horribly with cramps and trapped wind. I was on all different kinds of medication bit nothing helped. One night I was cramping to the point of crying when my very understanding partner tried to distract from the pain. Let's just say we were intimate and I realised that a lot of the pain had subsided. Am not suggesting any has sex anytime they get pain but the repeating motions on the stomach does seem to be a great help. Sorry of TMI but if you can find a way to replicate the motions it might help you all too 😳

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Ok have u tried foodmap diet changing diet may help ease the IBS d


Yes I've done fodmap. I've had IBSD for 6 years and the cramps now are normally if I've eaten something I shouldn't have or if am due to start my periods. It was just a little bit of advice for others that has helped me and also been recommended by my doctor. He suggested holding my legs upto my stomach and rocking but that always made me want to throw up lol


It's horrible especially when the time of periods.... I do take meds for it if I really need to as I never had pains down my legs only recently and my back was hell get like someone is poking me really annoying


Ugh, I can't even imagine getting in the mood when I'm in that much pain. You must be able to put pain out of your mind in an amazing way!

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