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Recently read an article which basically stated that there had been a break through in IBS research. It stated that it was now thought that IBS was caused by some damage to the protective lining in the Intestines.

It then turned out to be an article promoting a product called Kijimea, which was supposed to rectify this damage in some way. It was not particularly cheap at approx. £30 for 28 capsules.

I wonder if anyone has tried this product and has any feedback on it.


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Hi Will.

I havnt tried it but just read up on it and seems to be a bit like all the other pro biotic agents !

I was advised about Aflorex which is an Irish product but the reviews are mixed and symptoms can increase in first few days so would have to pick a week to try it in my case. Hasnt happened yet..

I dont have much faith in these products though....I think we are stuck with the condition😡

If I do try it will post. But having visitors for a month next week so wont try before then. Luckily we have 3 loos in the house !

Hope you are keeping "well"!

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Hi calista,

Thanks for reply. I tend to agree with you, that it is difficult to have any faith in these types of product and yes, I think we are probably stuck with this condition. At least Immodium seems to work most of the time. If you try Aflorex , I will look out for your post.

I have just returned from a cruise to lots of places in the Med.and some time in Rome seeing the sights. Had a few minor problems but without Immodium I doubt the trip would have been possible, certainly not the sight seeing excursions. I consumed quite a lot of the Instant variety.

Italian food, in particular was often thought to be the culprit but even that is not a certainty.

Hope you enjoy your time with visitors , that in itself can often be a strain on our delicate systems and yes extra loos are essential !

Hope your well and husband doing okay.

Just off to play in a medal this afternoon and between not playing for a while, dodgy gut and generally poor golf lately, I am not sure if this will be a pleasure. Hope however springs eternal and no doubt a good round would engender a more positive outlook.

All the best.



Hi Will

That sounds lovely ....what countries did you visit ?

I was never on a cruise but have visited a lot of Europe in my time .

One of my kids was married in Southeren Italy and we had a great time there. I love it .

No ,you would need your immodium for that trip .

I used to find Italian food ok but probably not anymore ....they use lots of tomato .

Re Immodium ,I use the plus variety mostly with maybe a backup of instant ,especially for golf ....I think I use too much ,but have to live !

The visitors ...my daughter and son in law and two girls ....they live in Portland OR . And....they dont like plain food !!

Son in law reckons he had ibs ,but it doesnt worry him and he laughs it off somehow ....he hardly ever uses immodium so I am not sure .He was put on fodmap diet and think he did quite well on it at the time .He also has M,S . which doesnt help .

Husband is so so . I feel sad for him this weekend as it is President Day tomorrow and he is not playing...think he doesnt know it is on .He is a past President 2005.

I hope you enjoyed your round today .....how are the eyes ? Did you have any work done on them yet ? I think it is great to get out to golf even if it bad .....you feel the better for it after .

I played today in 4 ball better ball ....badly !

Sorry ,this reply is more of and email than a reply .

I will post if I try Aflorex ,but it will have to be next month after visitors .

Best wishes .

Calista .


Hi calista,

Always happy to hear from you Calista. -- Really sorry to hear about your husband and Presidents Day. It must be difficult, probably more for you now.

On a lighter note , I had laser surgery and it has improved my sight to an amazing degree. Can now see my ball ( going all over the course) . -- Actually hit the ball really well today but missed buffer by one shot. Putting is the current issue , missed birdie putts at 13, 14 , 15. and 16 . On 14 missed my birdie from about 3 feet. -- A frustrating day but at least out there doing it. -- Cannot seem to hit putts with enough authority and leave them way short. -- No problem without a Medal card in hand !! - I think the problem is mental. I bought a Scotty Cameron putter at around £280 , so not the putter ,-- must be the puttee !!

Re our cruise , We visited Florence, Cannes , Marseilles , Barcelona, Palma , Sardinia , a full day at sea then Sicily , Napoli , and Rome. To be honest ,they all began to all merge into one and I think 7 day cruises are enough , All great but a bit tiring and glad to be home again. --Think I should have taken my putter to the Vatican , not a Catholic, but maybe some holy words might have helped--I would have no issues -even as a non believer,

I had some chest pains when away and got a bit worried, been to Docs,. now and it is not thought to be heart problem , although doing some further checks next Thursday , blood tests and a heart trace, as blood pressure up. -- I think a bit stressed , with a number of issues and that might be cause but best checked out.

Nice to be able to talk to someone , so yes, seems more like an email to someone specific , however, it is difficult to find others, that you can talk openly with, I doubt that others might not understand how we feel , probably least of all my wife writing to another lady !

Other non sufferers just would not understand !!

Always happy to hear your news calista, be it Ibs, health , golf , husband or just what is occurring in your life. I hope you like being able to talk to me. We don't each other ,other than through Ibs but hopefully , you feel like a friend.

Hope all is good



Hi Will.

Thanks for reply.

Yes its a bit weird talking about golf and family matters on ibs network....other users maybe not too impressed.

Pity as I enjoy your posts/emails. Lighted and not all doom and gloom.

Our gp is suddenly retiring so thats a worry after ca forty years and have no idea who will replace but maybe new doc will take ibs and anxiety re same ,seriously for a change.

Sounds like you are a brilliant golfer....besides putting . You should new putter on ebay and go back to old reliable !

Maybe chest pains stress related.


Hi Will.

Sorry...that reply went before I had finished....my phone seemed to freeze.

Yes I do like to hear from you . It is hard for people to understand ibs. One of my good friends said lately...well it is good that you know what is wrong with you....I suppose with so many life threathening diseases people suffer from.

Maybe emailing would work ?

Best wishes.



Hi calista,

My golf is honestly far from brilliant , over last few years I have steadily deteriorated handicap wise. Gone from around 7 up to 12 now. (11.7). I don't seem to be consistent now and there always seems to be two or three disasters in a round. I have had so many putters that I cannot remember which one worked best==probably a 1976 Ping Answer.. still in the garage somewhere.

Sometimes I feel like giving up competitive golf but then I think don't be stupid, what else would you do. I think that, as I have lost some length off the Tee , which is no doubt age related, there is a tendency to try to hit too hard and then direction goes and the silly holes become too frequent. Stress to save things ultimately puts too much pressure on short game and single putting to get a par.

Hope new GP works out all right. I doubt if any really understand IBS. You would probably need a GP who is a fellow sufferer !

I am not bothered about what others think re our chats , if they help in any way, that must be useful. There is IBS related content ,some might well be stress related and chats about other matters can often help. It might be quite useful just to discuss other things sometimes , as you cannot dwell too much on our condition. I try to think of it as a condition rather than an illness but it can be difficult because sometimes you do feel plain ill. There is only so much you can say about bad guts in any case and knowing you are not alone and reading how others cope must be surely positive.

So don't worry , just continue to correspond as you feel like.

Life with Ibs can be tough and it is not something that you can or want to discuss with everyone--they would not understand or appreciate how it affects us , or how awkward , it can make things, ( like going out to Golf), or dealing with having too go to things at a specific time etc.

Anyway it is good to talk and always glad to hear from you .



Hi again , calista , just got your last post.

Do you want to exchange email addresses. I had not given that much thought , I don't do facebook, or twitter. but use email a lot.

I enjoy our chats . The only slight draw back is that we would disclose our true identity to others on the site .

That of course would only be an issue if there are others on the site, who you would not wish to know your details. I am probably fairly well known in this part of the world through golf competitions etc., and if there are others on this site with IBS ,I am not entirely certain that I wish them to know Will1234 and his problems.

Let me know your thoughts . I would certainly be happy to chat with you as a friend on emails . If you are not bothered about revealing your identity you might want to supply your email details and I will respond with mine. Maybe you can think of a way around this.

Perhaps another alternative could be initially a text using a telephone number and our site name



That should be ok.



Hi folks how about personal emails about cruises and golf and leave this site for more direct questions and answers. I am not being nasty but suggested this.


No problem richv .- There was a history of IBS related subjects, prior to more personal discussions, however I would accept your point. I cannot say that I have noticed any posts from you though. Perhaps I just missed them.

Anyway, it will no longer trouble you .Some of us just find that we can discuss things with others on the site, when we might not, if we actually knew each other, as IBS might just be a little embarrassing for some to talk about.

If you read the posts you will see that we already had discussed this issue, so your suggestion was already dealt with.

Will 1234


That's interesting. Are the capsules vegan friendly? I can't have animal products cos of my not only beliefs but IBS.


Hi Aniouspony12,

Sorry cannot answer your question, it was just some article I came across in the Express news paper. It should be easy though to research the product on the internet. I think it is basically a pro biotic.



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