Does anyone know about the possible relationship between spinal damage and the onset of IBS?

Very recently I accidentally came across some brief info about the possible relationship between spinal damage and IBS. As my IBS problems started about 14 months after I damaged my spine, the article immediately grabbed my attention but I don't seem to be able to find very much else out about it.

If anybody has any information about this or had a spinal injury before the onset of IBS, I'd be very gladl to hear about it.

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  • I have! I visited an osteopath for a hip injury and he told me he could fix IBS, he said he's legally not allowed to say cure. He blamed car crashes or any major shock, I have been in a few crashes and bangs over the years. He realligned my spine and it helped, I say helped because I still had trigger foods that would set it off. But I started going to the toilet every day for the first time in ages.

    I am now cured due to my 100% natural human diet as I call it. Fruit, vegetables, nuts, rice, quinoa, seeds, meat and fish. Look at other cultures that don't eat processed food, guess what no IBS. Penny dropped?

    Milk from cows is for baby calves not humans.

  • Thanks for the info about the connection between IBS and spinal trauma. As I'm due to have surgery on my spine in the next few months, it will be interesting to see if the IBS goes away once my spine is repaired.

    FYI, I've been on an natural diet for over 15 years, growing my own food wherever possible and eating only organic produce when forced to buy. I have not eaten processed foods for the same time period. I haven't drunk or used milk (cows or otherwise) in recipes for over 10 years, but I still developed IBS 18 months ago (14 months after I damaged my spine). Alongside the natural diet, I now have to also incorporate a low FODMAP regime which allows me to manage my IBS with a 98% success rate.

    See, I didn't need any pennies to drop regarding a natural diet so don't be so rude and patronising until you've got all the facts!

  • Well said Roz1485 and I'm with you on that. I have eaten really well for years now, fruit, veg, fish, meat and plenty of exercise but still have IBS. I'm actually going on the FODMAP diet through a dietician and will be reporting back once I have started on it.

    Best of luck to you and agree that the answer above it patronising!

  • Have you been in a car crash or anything that would have caused a misallignment of your spine?

    Please feel free to ring up an osteopath and discuss it with them, if you find me offensive. Mine said it can even be caused by sitting in a bad-for-your-posture chair for a long period of time. I can't see how a phone call to an osteopath can harm.....worth a go don't you think?

  • Thanks crazyfitness. If you look below you'll see the reply I got back from the self-righteous cretin currently managing to upset everybody on the network. Frankly I hope his IBS comes back and bites him - it's enough having IBS without him giving everybody the s***s as well!

    I hope you do as well as I and many others have on FODMAPs. It takes a bit of getting used to, but anything's better than the symptoms we all know so well. The regime's not rocket science and I had to do it on my own initially as none of the NHS dietitians had done the course on it when I started out, so if you've got a long wait to see your dietitian, you could DIY.

  • Thanks Roz and see what you mean and frankly he's not listening, he obviously knows it all. Everyone is different and we don't all suffer with the same symptons and if one things works for one it doesn't work for another. When I was first diagnosed with it I was prescribed Colofac, it did absolutely nothing for me. I have tried many other things and the only thing that seems to have worked if cutting out broccoli, cauliflower and red grapes out of my diet, all known to affect IBS.

    I am nervously looking forward to going on the FODMAP diet and will be reporting back to everyone after being on it for a couple of weeks or more. The dietician I saw was lovely and very understanding and was very truthful in that she didn't know why people suffer with it as there is nothing that shoes up on scans, x rays etc.

    I really hope that you also find something that works for you.

    Take care

  • FODMAPs works brilliantly for me and only took 3 days to do so - it was just as if somebody switched all the lights on. It initially gave me 90% control over my symptoms but, having identified 2 other triggers (oats and rice) outside of the FODMAP group, I now have 100% continual control - provided I don't wander into forbidden territory.

    Wishing you all the best.

  • Seems like your spine is the problem. FODMAP fad will soon be forgotten once you've got that corrected then, if you didn't have it prior to the injury. I hope you can then share the fact that it was your spine that caused IBS and it wasn't a syndrome you unluckily 'contracted' that created it. I'm sure through a proper diet and spinal allignment this whole IBS thing can go away and sites like this will be no more.

    Your problem is obviously not a food consumption issue so by promoting FODMAP to other people who have not followed the natural diet you are not helping them. I want to help people that won't accept it is their food choice which is creating the problem. I am sorry if I offended you but you are another case in point, looking for answers that were there all along. So how many of the various concoctions of treatments have you tried without success when it was your spine all along that created the issue? I have seen lots of doctors about this problem without success, had you sought the advice of an osteopath he may have spotted the issue immediately don't you think? My osteopath spotted it and I went to see him about my hip.

  • Are you on here as a joke, or what? "FODMAP diet will soon be forgotten" - it is working for me and I have no spinal problems but have been an IBS sufferer most of my adult life before I came across this diet. May I ask what are your qualifications to give such aggressive advice?

  • agressive advice lol.

    have you read the china study?

    what % of your diet is natural human food? What are the foods that work for you on the FODMAP diet?

    I think you miss my point.

    This site amazes me more each day

  • I agree with you Indie, it's obvious thee FODMAP diet has worked for both you, roz1485 and many others and I, for one, am actually looking forward to going on it. I think he is here as a joke, this site is for advice not for someone being dictitorial!!

  • I wish you all the best with it, it has changed my life. I no longer have to be embarrassed at work, as long as I am in control of what I eat. Difficult when travelling though!

  • Why will no one answer the question - what % of your diet is whole natural unprocessed food?

    Why do other unprocessed food eating cultures not get IBS?

    How much processed food is allowed on the FODMAP diet?

  • I do not eat processed food. Are garlic, onions, broccoli, cabbage, apples, pears and legumes processed food? They are not in the FODMAPS diet, and guess what? They cause me IBS flares.

  • Thanks very much Inndie and I have thought about the travelling bit and know that if the dietician is trained when I'm about to go on holiday, I don't actually start on it until I come back. This will then give me the time to get used to it before I go away any other time.

    Take care

  • I agree. I am going to Sicily in May and a bit worried about onions and garlic as they upset me. ;-)

  • I really hope it goes well for you in Sicily and I'm sure they will be like the restaurants over here in that all you will need to do is say that you can't eat those foods. I hope it will be as simple as that.

    Take care

  • Have never heard of that connection. I do know that there is a huge link with emotional stress and ibs so an injury or any kind could be a trigger.

  • Curedofibs has a point. There is a definate link with the spinal area and SOME types of ibs. Your Dr will not be trained in this. Only alternative medicine practitioners like acupuncture, chiropractor etc..

  • This is interesting, as I had a spinal injury prior to my I b s

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