Has anyone tried Silicol Gel?

I've just received the January edition of The IBS Network newsletter and seen an ad in it for a product called Silicol Gel, website at silicol.co.uk

It purports to help many gastrointestinal problems including heartburn, nausea, wind, abdominal pain, vomiting and IBS.

Has anybody given this a try and, if so, did it help with any of the above?

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  • I saw the exact same ad. It sounds almost too good to be true!! Very interested to see whether anyone's tried it.

  • I sent an email to the manufacturer to make a few further enquiries about it (as it's not a cheap product to buy - what is?) and got an almost immediate answer and the offer of a free 200ml bottle, so will post results when I've given it a go.

  • Where did you get the IBS newsletter from?

  • If you're a paid-up member of the IBS Network you automatically get a copy every month by email.

  • IBS network ran an open day in Sheffield last November and I signed up there.

  • Thanks Roz and Binks.

  • You can get the newsletter by just requesting it via the IBS network website. I happen to have started trying the silicol gel today as I am having a flare up and saw it in Holland & Barrett and thought why not I'll try anything once. If it helps I will post on and say so.

  • I did try Silicol Gel a long time ago and thought it was a little constipating, but then that may just have been me! Interested to know others opinions.

  • I'm a D-type and at the moment it seems to be working as I want it to, so maybe you're right in that it makes matters worse for C-types.

  • Hey Rozb I tried to get the questran on prescription from the doctor without any success and as I joined upto the ibs network I also got that email and purchased the silicol gel which I got today so I will keep everyone updated I hope this works for me as Ive tried so many products and they just cause more side effects so will be gd to know if it has any side effects and what it helps with il be really happy if it helps me as im at the end of my tether atm!!

  • Hi texty 89,

    It'll be great to hear your views on this. I've been taking Silicol for last 4 days now and, as yet,it doesn't seem to be causing me any side-effects except to make stools firmer which is what I need anyway. Also, my whole digestive system seems to be in much better working order altogether - almost perfect in fact - although this could be down to just me going through a good phase., so will hold off on opinion until I've been taking it for a while longer. It's not a cheap option though, is it?

    Shame you couldn't get the Questran from your GP, what reason were you given as to why you couldn't try it? The following article clip is from this week's 'The Patients' Association' newsletter:

    '(NICE) has called on patients to adopt an “American style” attitude to getting the drugs and treatment that they want.

    Professor David Haslam has said that patients in the UK should be more assertive with their GP in requesting drugs that have been approved for use on the NHS by NICE. He would like to see a culture where patients are seen as “equal partners” with their doctors, with legal rights, saying that patients need to learn from Americans, who are more confident about entering into dialogue with their family doctors about their health and taking an active role in managing their health.

    In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, he said: “When products have been approved for use on the NHS by NICE, patients have a legal right to those drugs - as long as they are clinically appropriate. The take-up should be much higher than it currently is." The rationing body is currently carrying out work to establish why so many patients are not being prescribed medications, despite being endorsed for use. Prof Haslam said: “Patients have a right under the NHS constitution to these therapies, so I really hope we can improve this.”'

  • Hi Rozb, yes thats what I need to to reduce the spasms in my stomach in the morning and to empty properly as it says its supposed to normalise the function of the stomach I've been taking it since saturday too but I have found that ive felt sick and still get spasms so will continue to take it but it tastes disgusting I was wandering though do you know how long you should take it for before it begins to work. I am really happy that something looks like its helping you though after so long I hope its not just a good phase I hope it is the answer you have been looking for :) yes it isnt cheap I have found it for £11.88 on amazon for the 500ml tho the cheapest Ive seen it so far Yes I read your article that makes sense n il keep on with the silicol gel and if i stil suffer I will go back and complain she said it was due to the fact I was diagnosed with IBS not BAD, so i need to either go back and ask to be referred to have that test or save up and go private and have the test if the test comes back positive then she would be happy to give me the medicine how annoying!! Doesn't make a difference that I suffer every god damn day grr!! sorry to moan but I really am at a loose end and I feel like ive tried everything and still suffer :( but will keep you updated :) hope it carries on well for you take care

  • Such a shame you're GP isn't as amenable as some and won't give you a trial-by-treatment of Questran. As you can see from the article though, you've got every right to have the test done on the NHS as it would be very appropriate for your symptoms. Don't apologise for the rant, we all do it - we have to, nobody except fellow- IBS-ers 'get it'.

    I'm still taking the Silicol (try stirring it into some water, it's more palatable that way) and feeling much improved. However, I still have incomplete bowel emptying, but much less so and it only takes 2 trips to the loo in the morning to clear it, although I still never know what time the second trip will be! It started to work within about 3 days for me, but we're all different, so it's possible it may take longer for you. I only take it twice daily, before lunch and dinner.

    Thanks for the tip-off about the much cheaper price on Amazon, I've just paid £18 for 500ml at Holland and Barrett!

    I've been asked by the manufacturer to report back on how I get on with it and also to pass on any comments about it from this site, so keep them coming. One of my questions for them will be over how long a period it can be taken as the leaflet doesn't say.

    Have you not had any success with FODMAPs?


  • Hi Roz yer tell me bout it I will go back and ask the term IBS is just so annoying as there isnt just one thing you can do to feel better and I think thats what annoys me the most yes i too have got them to send me a batch what are you on thelowfodmap diet as well as taking this then I have tried that before did it for 2 months and still suffered so then was told its work related stress 8 months later in ma new job and still suffering I didnt know whether to try the diet again or not my symptoms are basically I seem to have the morning rush as people call it so instead of going twice a day once in the morning and once in the evening like i used to I just mainly go in the morning and then have incomplete emptying tbh I dont know what type of IBS it comes under as 1 min it was IBS -C then it was IBS - D and now it is IBS -A. Im sorry again for that rant all I know is im always full even if I dont eat anything. I was going to ask have you drank alcohol when taking this silicol gel I have and ended up being sick again I dont know if this is just a coincidence or because I drank quite a bit when I went out the other night but I havent been sick in ages when drinking and since Ive taken this I have been. Also what else do u do or take whilst experimenting with this Im so glad it has been helping you though I was taking it 3 times a day I stopped as I was sick but will start it again from tomorrow. Have you noticed any side effects Take care Sam :)

  • Hi Sam,

    Yep, absolutely right about just one solution for IBS - there's no such thing and we all end up combining different bits and pieces. It takes a long time to find out what they all are too and, just as we think we have, symptoms change and we have to start again. Oh joy!

    When you say you always feel full and have incomplete bowel-emptying, have you tried using glycerine suppositories? I find these pretty good and you can buy them cheaply OTC, but don't use them just before you plan to go to work or out anywhere for that matter!

    Yes, I do drink alcohol with Silicol and it doesn't seem to have any effect on it. It shouldn't do really as it's not a drug, it just puts a lining on your digestive system and gathers up any bad bits passing through. Having said that, we're all different, so maybe the 2 things just don't combine well for you.

    When you were doing FODMAPs, did you really commit to the diet in every respect? If it's going to help, you have to do that.

    I did the full diet about 18 months ago (long before the NHS got behind it) and eventually discovered that it was the polyols (the 'P' in FODMAPs), which were causing most of my problems. Since I eliminated these from my diet (plus a few other bits and pieces such as grapes, blueberries and processed foods), I'm pretty well okay most of the time. If I do get a bout of diarrhoea, I take colestyramine (Questran) until it clears, I wouldn't take Silicol at the same time though.

    I've now cut my dose of Silicol down to once a day before my evening meal as it seemed to make the incomplete bowel-emptying thing slightly worse ... or it could just be me ...

    If you think you could have committed to FODMAPs rather more than you did previously, my advice is to give it another go. At all costs, avoid processed food, the rubbish that gets put into it is just amazing, try reading the ingredients label on a simple sliced loaf of bread and you'll see what I mean!

    Best wishes,


  • Hey Roz,

    Yes exactly I know what you mean just how I feel lol. I have used a fleet enema before but only had mucus come out of me sorry to be so graphic so didnt like it is that what you mean by glycerine suppositories? What ones are good to try ? I did the lowfodmap diet strictly for 2 months and still suffered so dietician put it down to stress but I got a new job a better 1 8 months ago n im still suffering I had the SIBO and Fructose test done and come back negative. I know that wheat gives me wind and bloating so I try to avoid it and buy gluten free food. I didnt try the challenge phase though I just went straight back to eating all the food groups. I found it really hard though lived on my own at the time and also didnt have the time to make dinner / lunch didnt really have a break whereas now I do get proper breaks and have time to make dinner so I think I should give it another go so many people says it helps them but I need to learn alot more recipes for lowfodmap that was the other reason it was tough. Im sorry to hear it makes the incomplete emptying worse, I hate that fact of IBS I mean you could go and go in the morning but you still don't empty it makes no sense!! Yer I no what you mean and thank you for your help and support it really helps especially when you feel like your the only one going through it as people that don't have it just take the mick :( So do you go in the morning then or do you find you can go in the evening I wish I could find something that made me more regular without the spasms. I sent an email to silicol gel and they sent me out a bottle too im still taking it tho hopefully it may kick in soon take care sam

  • Hi Sam,

    A fleet enema is slightly different to glycerol suppositories, but I guess they work in pretty much the same way. I use Boots own-brand, but there are several makes out there. The mucus you describe would be mostly the gel coming back out.

    I had to give up on the Silicol as it eventually had a severe detrimental effect on the incomplete bowel-emptying thing. Never mind, we all keep trying, don't we?

    No, I only go to the loo in the mornings and for the last couple of weeks have been okay after only a couple of trips. Have also just discovered that green salad leaves particularly lettuce - are not for me as they give me a lot of gas and bloating.

    Interestingly, I'm having surgery on my lumbar spine at the end of March and my consultant is of the opinion that if he can put things right there, my IBS will go away. Apparently, any misalignment of the lower spine which affects the spinal cord (preventing messages from the brain being delivered to the right body parts) causes all sorts of digestive and bladder problems. Do you have any back problems?

    I'd give the FODMAP diet another really good go if I were you. Try Sue Shepherd and Peter Gibson's book 'The Complete Low-FODMAP Diet: A Revolutionary Plan For Managing IBS And Other Digestive Disorders' for recipes.

    You say you're buying gluten-free products, but although I know it's really difficult when you're out at work (fortunately for me I work from home), do avoid processed foods if you can, they're a real menace with all the crap that manufacturers put in them.


  • How long can you actually take it for I thought it was only a few days if it has no effect I have d and thinking of trying it

  • Hi gardener can I just ask when you say silicol gel constipates you what IBS do you have or lean more towards and did you have any other side effects like wind when you tried it I suffer from incomplete emptying which is no fun so I hope it helps with that any help would be appreciated thanks :)

  • Hi texty89

    I would class myself as generally IBSC and like you suffer the awful and embarrassing problem of incomplete emptying. It is a long time ago now that I tried Silicol Gel so can't remember whether it made the wind problem worse. I like the sound of it soothing the whole gut as I also suffer gastritis and indigestion, so may give it another try. Sorry I can't be of more help. Ros

  • Hi gardener, oh ok that might by why then but how long did you take it for before you gave it up its ok what do you do when you have incomplete emptying sorry I no its a personal question but something you say I may not of tried even though I believe ive pretty much tried everything out there thats why when I saw silicol gel I thought i would give it a go. I hope you find something that helps you :) take care

  • Just seen an ad for this in a magazine so would be really interested in hearing how people get on. I suffer from ibs-d, bloating, pain and wind almost daily. I was prescribed cholestagel which is very expensive. I got one mth supply so I can tell me gastro doc I tried it but dont think I can afford it long term.

  • Didn't get on too well with Silicol in the end as it only exacerbated incomplete bowel-emptying. It may suit other people though, so give it a go.

    I also have cholestagel (called cholestyramine in my case) on prescription which I take if I get diarrhoea and find it works well. Having done the FODMAPs diet though, which let me find out exactly what my food triggers are, I keep most of my symptoms under good control without regular medication. I only give myself a problem if I eat the wrong things.

    Have you tried FODMAPs, it works for a lot of people on here?

  • Thanks a million for the reply. I might give it a miss as it might increase my bloating and wind issues. I started taking cholestagel but it slows things down too much so I might reduce it to one tablet a day or when required.

    Id suffer from ibs-d with urgency but not daily. Maybe 10 days a mth. The remaining days id be normal to loose and go between 1 and 3 times a day. Bloating and wind daily.

    Ive had full tests and scopes and all seem clear. Food intolerance test showed dairy. Cutting that out now. I tried the fodmap and saw some improvement. I should try it again but found it hard to avoid onion and garlic powder. It is in everything. I need a few fodmap friendly soup and pasta recipes for lunch options. I have both books u recommend so will try low fodmap again.

  • Your symptoms sound pretty much like mine.

    I too have to keep my intake of cholestyramine/cholestagel low as it works too well at times, too much also gives me gas and bloating. I take mine in a powder form which I dissolve in water; my dosage should be 3 - 4 sachets a day, but reducing that to a quarter sachet twice a day - and only when needed - is a better option for me.

    FODMAPs was brilliant for me, it really let me nail down my food triggers. I agree about blinkin' garlic and onion being in everything, in the end I just had to give up buying any processed foods whatsoever. You can use the green ends of spring onions and garlic oil as replacements when you do your own cooking.

    You really have to have absolute commitment to this diet for the first 4 - 6 weeks to make it work for you though.


  • Do you mind me asking what would be a sample daily menu would be for you?

    Mine would be something like:

    Breakfast: Porridge and Coconut milk with sugar

    Snack: Flapjack (FODMAP Friendly)

    Lunch: Butternut squash soup or pasta in tomato based sauce with chicken, maybe a ham salad FODMAP Friendly (but find it can make wind worse)

    Dinner: Curry/Shepards pie/Spag Bol, meat/potatoes and veg etc

    My bloating is very bad. I look 6 mths pregnant in evenings. Im constantly looking for some bloat friendly clothes. I have even considered MATERNITY trousers cos I am that uncomfortable.

  • Totally agree!!! Fodmaps best thimg ever happened and I agree with everything in this thread. 34 yrs Ibs, NOTHING WORKS FOR LONG!!!

    Akternating products, foods, meds... Keep searching, keep hoping, keep your faith<3

    I had given up searching online when ai found fodmaps... So bery greatful. I am sensicite to brown rice which is in most gluten-free products. Thag has been a big challenge.

    Just bought Spelt flour, havent tried it yet ... Been too scared

  • Hey Roz,

    Thanks for the info will try it out. I know what you mean about the silicol gel. My mums friend has asked if I wanted to try out Ultimate Aloe vera juice as its from America and its supposed to of helped others with IBS im skeptical but like everyone one here trying to find something that helps me so will let you know how I get on. I hope everything goes alright with your operation :) But as a matter of fact I did have back problems I had physio to sort out my back as I had mild spondylysis dont know how to spell it but its where two discs were rubbing together in my back and causing me alot of pain. I couldnt go school and was on the most strongest painkillers tramadol and others and was still in so much agony until I went there and did some Pilates and it took a long time but in the end I was pain free. So yes please do keep me updated as he may have a point there and well if it works for you I could see if I could find a spine specialist or oestopath or something. Thank you so much for the advice really appreciate it I have brought the second edition of Patsy Catsos ibs free at last book but will definitely look into the other books that you have put on here as I feel if I had the recipes it would give me the motivation I need to try more things. I just wish the diet wasnt so limited thats how I found it when I first done it for 2 months. I will keep u updated but thanks again :) take care hope all goes well for you thanks Sam :)

  • Hi Sam,

    I've been down the aloe vera route too, got mine from: pukkaherbs.com. It's supposed to be the best/purest there is and at £20.99 a litre I hoped it would work ... and it seemed to at first, but like so many other 'remedies' it let me down eventually and I gave it up.

    Some chiropractors (not osteopaths or physios) have knowledge of spinal probs causing IBS symptoms, so could be worth paying one a visit.

    Patsy Catsos has just issued a new FODMAP recipe book called ‘Flavour without FODMAPs’, I haven't actually seen it, but it sounds pretty comprehensive.


  • Have sent a response on main site. It had been a life saver for my son who is 13. He started at 5 ml and now on 15 ml before eating. See my bigger post on IBS site

  • Hi my son uses it and it has saved him. Started at 5ml then gradually increased 15 ml before foods. He is on other enzymes too but this works a treat. He says he can't live without it

  • Yes. Get it. It's expensive and you will use a bottle a week (£18.50) but after 7 weeks my son's condition has vastly improved. Before he started on silicoll gel he had permanent and painful diarrhoea - he couldn't even hold water - plus crippling and permanent stomach cramps for over 5 months. Hospital didn't know why he was so ill and losing wait but this has helped greatly. It has taken a while but he says he can't live without it (he is 13). His pain is more manageable now and he only visits toilet twice a day rather than on it all day (honestly!). We have been able to introduce foods with only minimal pain now. We have since had a diagnosis of something called eosanophilic oesophagitis and gastritis and the hospital advises he stays on it if it helps.

  • I tried it for nausea but it was not helpful. It tastes revolting and as has been said is expensive for what it is.

  • Yes, I've been using it for eight days. What a difference it's made in my IBS-D. I only have bowel movements once or twice a day and they are normal. No noisy gas or nausea, either. So far no flare ups. I did run it past my PCP since it's not sold in the USA. I ordered it through Amazon. Since it took a few weeks to come from the UK, as soon as I knew it worked, I ordered more. The wonder is that I was close to asking for the medicine with opium. Yikes!

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