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Hi does anyone else have a intolerance to fruit I have a constant bloated stomach to the point where I look several months pregnant I keep gaining weight even tho I have a good diet I've changed so much of my diet and been getting nowhere anyway I've been stuck at home for a few days unable to get to the shop= no fruit and I've noticed my stomach is a lot less bloated I've just googled it and it is actually possible​ to be intolerant to fruit I'm hoping that's not the case for me as it makes up about 60% of my diet ATM

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  • Have a look at FODMAP there are some fruits it suggests avoiding x

  • Fruits and veg have always been main triggers for me. I've had IBSD for 6 years. I find green fruit and veg particularly bad, citrus and anything with high ketone levels but everyone is different and I know from experience that it's possible to build up tolerances over time. Happy to discuss more if you want to talk

  • What is FODMAP nick?

  • Google it. It's a suggested list of "good" and "bad" foods that can help you work out what your trigger foods might be

  • As others have said - check FODMAPS. Some fruit bugs me, others don't. For me, berries, citrus fruits, apples and bananas are okay. Stone fruits on the other hand - watch out. FODMAPS has a lot of veggies on it that might be troubling you as well.

  • I can't eat apples (only cooked) or bananas - I am fine on blueberries, melon and grapes and onky eat a ve small amount of strawberries

    It's just trial and error as to what might affect you

  • I have done fodmap. I have ibsc. I can not take any aspirin, nsaids, hydrocortisone, ect. I stumbled on a website that blew my mind, i know i will not spell this correctly, salycitic acid food intolerance or allergy. I was having to take zantac 150 2x per day due to acid reflux, gastritis. There is a group, and a list of all foods high in this. I tried it, days I do not eat any of the foods high with this, no acid! The fruits and vegetables create this acid as a natural bug repellent. I am gluten and dairy free, and organic. This is a real thing, and I was eating every vegetable, and fruit on the very high wonder my stomach and intestines were so screwed up. Spell it right and google it, Dr. Andrew Weil even says these foods can cause adhd...but it was just something I stumbled on...glad I did. Good luck, check it really lowers your choices of fruit! But I was never a fruit eater anyway...maybe this is why?

    I use MagO7 for thing I have ever found...take it slow with this for you or someone u might tell about. Aerobic life, amazon or vitamin shoppe.

  • Yes. I have fructose intolerance ie. to the natural sugars contained in fruit.

    But not all fruit has high fructose levels, so you don't have to cut out all fruit. I can eat a small ripe banana, some strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrants. I cannot get near a fresh apple or a pear. But I can have half a cooked one.

    If you have a look at this article, you can see which fruits are high in fructose and which are better options:


  • Yes, I too cannot take any fruit as it irritates my IBS -D -fruit have sugars in them and therefore seems to ferment in my tum-

  • Thanks everyone for your response and advice I am going to look into it more hopefully figure out how best to tackle my IBS

  • You could have fructose malabsorption You can get a breath test I think for it


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