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I am not sure if I have IBS, have been frantically searching the internet for answers, have also been to GP a number of times and starting to think they are really getting irritated and annoyed by me now as I am worried about my health.

Are there general symptoms with IBSI ?

I sometimes have a stitch like pain in the right flank area (as Dr describes it) this can feel like it is just under my rib, to waist area but radiating round the back or even right hip area. It can sometimes come in waves or feel like a sting. Also I thought I was starting with cystitis one evening.

Hope someone can shed some light on this.

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These don't sound like typical IBS symptoms.

If you need relief, you could try a local Rieki energy practitioner for a couple of sessions as they should be able to help you with this. Reiki works particularly well on inflammation and nervous tension.



First thing to remember is that IBS isn't an illness in itself it's a syndrome.

This means that people who have gastric/bowel problems which (after tests/scans etc have been done) cannot be attributed to any known condition fall under the IBS umbrella; it just means the medics don't know what's wrong.

Common symptoms of IBS-ers include: diarrhoea, constipation, upper and lower abdominal pain of varying degrees of severity, nausea, gas and flatulence.

Sorry I can't help with any suggestions as to what your symptoms might be, I just haven't come across them before.


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It defo doesn't sound like IBS

Continue to bug them kick up a fuss that's the only way I've had 3 years of (undiagnosed) IBS and docs have done nothing (IBS can't be said for defo but it's a ruling out diagnosis)


That could be your gallbladder or liver

I would push to have an ultrasound if I were you

Good luck xx


IBS is a very "individual" condition in the sense that symptoms vary tremendously between sufferers.

I too have and continue to experience a similar pain to that you describe in addition to many more (my IBS is combined and of severe nature) such as sharp stabbing pains on lower abdomen including left side (near hip going all way down and across to other abdominal and stomach areas), pain that feels like your whole guts are being ripped out of you, full blown contractions that I can only describe as "childbirth/labour pains". So I would simply say do not panic!, as cliche as it sounds, but on another hand always good to have things checked out (even though for IBS you will find that tests come back clear because it is a condition that cannot be visualised or diagnosed in tests).

I have to agree with Pagan1 that we get thrown into the "IBS box/umbrella" ruled by exclusion. So you undergo all these tests, see all sorts of medics, nutritionists, gastro specialists,etc, to no avail because (at least in my case) they cannot pin-point the trigger and/or the cause, which has a knock-on effect in not finding the appropriate solution to manage the symptoms to a satisfactory level and this in turn affects all aspects of your life.

It's a complex and "invisible" condition that requires a lot of patience, positive outlook and persistence as well as pro-activity in trying alternative options. Before anyone asks, yes I have tried, pro and prebiotics (all sorts supported by University studies and other "marketing/selling" BS), pills, acupuncture, talking therapy/counselling/CBT, meditation & relaxation tecniques, low-impact sports, all sorts of painkillers (strong opiods), low FODMAP diet, charcoal tablets, peppermint tablets and so the list goes on....

Nothing and I seriously mean "Nothing" to this day has worked in making my symptoms more manageable. But still... I persevere and have met many like-minded and empathetic sufferers through forums and meet-ups alike that give me hope to carry on and are really the "only" ones that actually understand (definitely not medics, not family and not close friends).

Good luck and keep positive!


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