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Belly pains!

On Wednesday I ate something at work that didn't taste very good I.e probably a under cooked sausage. Woke up the next day very achey and had very bad diarrhoea so stuck to the basics not eating fatty food and stuck with dry toast and crackers the joy! My question is how do I no when this has pasted?

when I do try eat light food it just comes straight back out and the pains in my belly are unbearable. And is it normal to last this long, and any recommendations on food that I can eat will be a great help for examples soup anything rather than toast and crackers

Thanks dan

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I've read during a flare up to eat soluble fibers

Rice, pasta, potato etc

May be worth a try

Good luck!

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If it was an undercooked sausage it sounds like you have food poisoning and this could take a couple of weeks to clear. I would go to your doctor and provide a stool sample so that it can be tested for food poisoning. I would do this before anything else.

Best of luck


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