Constantly ill exams aproching

Hi I'm 16 and taking my first exams in one week pretty much. 3 years with IBS-D 😷 My anxiety has gotten worse and every time I need to come out of class or stay home late because of my IBS I feel like people are angry and annoyed some lessons I can't sit in lessons cause I feel so anxious but the school only knows about my IBS not my anxiety. Any tips in being able to stay in school or to calm my anxiety and IBS (I take mebeverine, rescue remedy, Imodium very regularly and have tried buscapan but got told to stop it because it was reacting with my mebevrine)

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  • Hey, I've had IBS since I was 15, I'm first year uni doing law and had my first exam today... I completely sympathise with you, I really do. Exams are the worst thing in the world for me. A month before exams start I Just know I'm gunna get ill, and I never get better until theyre all over. I know how hard it is. I can't really offer any magical advice, other than when you think Of The exams themselves think about it, what's the worst that can happen? You leave to use the toilet? You say I'm ill can i leave or Have a room of my own?

    Us IBS sufferers are tough things, we put up with a lot and we carry on. You're gunna nail your exams, and you'll be tougher than anyone else because we Carry on.

    If you ever wanna talk or need support. Let me know, I'm sorry I can't really advise you though

  • Thank you x

  • If you are stressed and it makes your IBS kick in try eating some bananas they are great for stress, it might help you out. Try them asap for a few days to see how it goes.

    Read the link so you can understand more about it.

    I hope this helps you out.

  • Stress can trigger it but you can take control of it too! at this short notice of exams you need help to relax and calm the anxiety and hence calm your bowel! I recommended a supplement to a friends daughter in a similar situation and it has worked wonders for her, it's Zenphorol and it wont make you sleepy and will help you focus too, I take it sometimes myself and also L theanine which is also in zenphorol.

    personally I would speak to the school about your anxiety. It is short notice now but they can help accommodate you, there are always options, Maybe you could take your exams in a separate room so you can go out to the toilet if needed? If they separate the kids that need extra time into a smaller room as some schools do maybe you could join them?

    good luck


  • Speak to the teachers (or ask your parents to) this week. They should be able to sit with you in a side room during the exam. If you have to sit in the exam room, don't worry about asking to use the toilet. I remember my exams years ago, the teachers were in and out of the hall constantly, escorting pupils to the toilet. No one will notice, they'll all be too busy reading their papers! Chances are you'll be so busy with the exam the need to go to the toilet will pass and you'll be fine.

    Best of luck!

  • Hello New to this , my daughter has just been diagnosed with IBS - just curious as to what your symptoms were and buscopan reacting with mebevrine , my daughter taking both at the moment for about 1 week and a half . Showing small improvements .but mornings very bad

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