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Do other people experience this?

I have now had IBS for a few years but as of late I have been experiencing new symptoms when I have flare ups and wanted to know if anyone else experienced them..

they include headaches, flu symptoms (Hot/Cold), nausea, cramps in my upper abdominal particularly on my left hand side under my rib cage (sometimes happens on the right as well) tiredness and more frequent bathroom visits... I would usually say maby it is just a bug but it is happening frequently and almost always the same symptoms..

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I would like to know as well as I'm getting the same symptom. I'm getting help for anxiety but I'm 100% sure its my stomach causing everything. I need help with that but doctors don't listen which is why I've got worse and worse over 16 months and have now got full on IBS where as before I was just getting mild stomach aches.


Having similar issues myself. I've had IBS for about 40 years but in the last year or so having distinct pain underneath ribs mostly on left side occasionally on right and would really like to know what it's about.


I have had Ibs for 37 years I also get headaches, flu like symptoms, urinary problems, nausea, stomach cramps I find Mebentyl 20 really helps me. It's just a vicious circle and it causes me panic attacks and depression. Not a very happy outlook. I also don't eat wheat which does help with colic pains. I'm afraid it tends to take over your life I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.


hi yes I've had this too I usually get the flu like symptoms then cramps like someone us squeezing my tummy on th inside and especially jus under my ribs then he next day terrible diarrhoea like passing just water. I have had ibs for number of years but these symptoms are new to me too. I usually starve myself for a day or so take myself to bed until I feel better, its like a stomach bug isn't it? Thankfully I dont get this too often hope you feel better. X


The left hand side is where your sigmoid colon and descending colon are located. So this is where your waste travels to before it is finally expelled from the body.


I have also been suffering recently with nausea, stomach cramps daily and also constipation. I've always tended to err on the side of constipation, which I know if much better than suffering with diarrhoea. I am going to be following dairy free as the more I read about it on here and the way it affects people the more I am convinced I would be better without it. I also get anxiety and that is due to suffering with Emetophobia but I am going to purchase a book over this weekend called the Thrive Programme. This is a self help book for people suffering with Emetophobia and it has worked for a lot of people. I think when I have that phobia under control I will feel much better. It doesn't help though suffering with nausea with IBS.

I agree with Hollings below, I wouldn't wish this on my worse enemy.

I hope that you feel better very soon but a food diary is definitely the way to go - I have stopped eating a few foods which did help. x


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