Had the first good day in years yesterday

Then i had tinned tomatoes on Gluten free bread for lunch,still felt fine.Then I had fish and chips from the chippy,took the batter of my fish,then felt a little uncomfortable but not to bad to how I've felt in months.But got up this morning been to toilet twice very loose and I feel terrible again with a very active bowel.No more fish and chips for me

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  • Hey gemini 71 It may have been the chips to some of the chips have wheat flour in them just thought u may like to no :) glad ur feeling better!

  • Thanks for that I didn't know that.I thought it might be the fish not being very fresh

  • It could be but i noticed when eating oven chips that quite a few brands have wheat flour in it so i try and avoid them at all costs and get ones without the wheat :)

  • Hi there yes my grand daughter is coeliac and if she eats chips she is on the toilet for hours.

  • For me the tinned tomatoes would be the real culprit .

  • The dietician told me that reheated potato in any form can be problematic. Some places par cook chips then allow to cool & finish cooking as them needed. Think it cooks them quicker for the shop, but it changes the starch to 'digestion resistant star' i.e. less easily digested. Only way to have chips is home made from scratch :( She also said avoid oven chips, frozen roast potatoes & potatoes cooled & made into potato salad. Hope this helps?

  • The chips are cooked in the same oil as the fish and batter, so there would be a cross contamination issue. I love fish and chips but have not eaten them for ages. My wife tries to replicate them at home but they just dont have that chippy taste,but at least she tries bless her lol.

    Im afraid the smallest amount of gluten will give you a bad reaction, I even use different sides of the toaster to my wife as advised by a dietician. It all sounds a little extreme but its better than being ill !

  • No it don't seem extreme it all makes a lot of sense.Although I don't seem to have a reaction to frozen roast potatoes.But thanks for your advise no more chippy fish and chips for me.

  • I learned the hard way Gluten is a protein that really sticks to everything. My son got some breading just a few crumbs on raw chicken. I washed of very well and cooked it. I was sick for the better part of 3 days. also watch out for "chips" from restaurants. If they fry anything with breading in the same fryer, the "chips" will be contaminated. The first time I thought I could scrape and rinse batter from a leftover pork chop, nope. I found out gluten can stick to any porous surface even after washing like a cutting board or a non-stick frying pan.

  • Could be the acid in the tomatoes

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