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Movicol or no Movicol

Hi there,

I have finally been diagnosed with IBS and I've been on 1 sachet of movicol a day for about a month now, but recently I have decided to come off of it. I have been experiencing backache on the bottom left side of my back, and this seems to be prevailing movicol or no movicol. I was just wondering if anyone else experiences back pain with IBS and what you do to get rid of it? Also what do you think causes the back ache?

I couldn't deal with doing the FODMAP diet I just lost weight and became more stressed which didn't help. But I've just decided to eat healthier because I'm already underweight.

Any info about getting rid of this back ache would be fab! Thanks for reading!

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I often get back pain with my IBS, mainly at he bottom of my back too.

My main way to get rid of this is usually to get someone to rub my back for a couple of minutes which usually triggers wind. I also think this could be due to being bloated.

Hope this helps

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I took movicol every day for 12 years and never had any back ache from it or any other side effects

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Hi i take laxido daily as I have a very slow bowel and like you have lower back ache which I find is worse if I don't get the loo done. I have changed my eating habits a bit and now drink more water and eat more fruit and veggies but you have to watch what you eat as this can cause more problems. I got a book of Amazon called Eating for the Sensitive Gut it is great and lists dos and don't on foods which can cause you problems which my doctor told me nothing about plus it has great recipes in it as well it's under £14 so its not to expensive and it's helped me a lot to understand what IBS is and how to take back my life. I am on only 1 Mebeverine in the morning now, where as I used to be on 3 a day plus painkillers and Buscopan as well so I hope this helps and good luck

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