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Struggling at work

Hi everyone, I am currently trying all of the advice to relieve my ibs (exercise, cbt, fodmap diet ect) but I am still not making any progress. I am often late to work as I go to the toilet so often in the morning (even tho I get up 2 hours before I have to start work, have my breakfast and a quick walk) I am having lots of absences and I'm struggling to carry out my daily duties. Even though I have a doctors note I still feel low and fed up. How does everyone else cope with work and the unpredictability of ibs. My job is stressful and fast paced, I don't want to give up work and not have a reason to get up in the morning but I am willing to change my job and possibly work from home. Sorry for the long post but I would really appreciate any ideas thank you!

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Hi Anx1ous i have ibs problems myself especially in a morning it was wearing me down so requested working from home which i'm doing on a trial basis. IBS can be classed as a disability under the Equality Act if you have had the condition over 12 months and it gas a substantial adverse affect on your life. You can ask for Occupational Health consultation and if they decide you have a disability under the Equality Act you can request reasonable adjustments from your employer which may include working from home.

Good luck i know ibs can be a horrible condition to live with!!


Thanks for sharing that info. I didn't know that. How did you find this out Mark?



Hi Alison, i did some research on the internet and spoke to occupational health nurse. If you have suffered with ibs or other health conditions for 12 months or more it is chronic and employers have duty to consider making reasonable adjustments so you can carry on working it does have to fit in with business need!!

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Try going off all carbs and take garlic tablets x 2 daily and a probiotic. You may have candida or fermentation going on in your gut. Do it for at least a month. 😊


Could you work remotely from home? Or part time with fewer hours per day? Perhaps if you're worst in the morning you could start later but still get up at the same time.


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