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IBS or stomach bug/food poisoning

Hi everyone,

Does anyone get malaise,fever and chills, nausea and muscle ache with an IBS flare up?

I've been feeling un well for about four days and thought my IBS has increased in severity.

I'm now starting to feel better and was wondering if perhaps I've had an attack of food poisoning or a stomach bug but blamed it on my IBS instead.

My last flare up in January made me feel nauseous but with none of the other symptoms described above.

I've had stomach infections in the past (confirmed by bloodtests) similar to this and without vomiting.

Would be great to get your opinions.

Thanks for reading this!

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I have had this type of symptom.

I felt hot-cold. However I did not have a real temperature, just that fluey sensation.

If you take your temperature and it is high you should take it seriously and consult your doctor.



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