Red, flushed cheeks

I am having a weird side effect. When I feel a IBS attack coming I feel a heat in my face and my cheeks turn quite red. My feeling is it has a relation to the dirty air conditioning at my work but I don't know. As I posted before my symptoms have been aided a lot by probiotics. Not sure what's going on but it sucks. Anyone had anything similar? Thanks in advance.

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  • I have feel like that too hot cheeks?

  • Hi there IBSfromhell,

    How old are you, and are you male or female?


  • Hi,

    That sounds like anxiety, if I feel a pain or gurgle in my stomach I get all panicked and that that can happen sometimes I feel like I'm so hot. I can have bad anxiety attacks but luckily these are only now and again.

  • 40 year old male. It is definitely related to stress, what isn`t?

  • My palms go red and blotchy when I'm having an ibs attack!! And yes I get red cheeks and feel really cold!!

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