Ever hopeful that there will be a cure for IBS

I have had IBS for 50 years ... Such a complex condition but to give younger sufferers hope ... Although inconvenient I have led a busy and happy life .. Had 5 children and an active social life..

Don't let it stop you getting on with things and learn to manage your own condition because all sufferers have different triggers

Always interested in hearing how other people cope

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  • I don't let it stop me, I have mine under control most if the time.

    Someday a cure will be found, that new organ they discovered in the intestines a month or so, it has been said that it might have something to do with it all and might lead to a cure. Fingers crossed.

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  • Sorry last post a mistake silly me.

  • What?

  • You are very encouraging :) thank you!

  • Hi. The thing that's helping me is the low FODMAP diet. Foods that have a small fermentation rate in the bowel.

    It's a liifesaver!

  • I have for over 30 yrs both food and anxiety fuelled and takes over my lufe really.

    What have you done to manage it so well ?

  • I eat small meals when out .. Try to stay busy and calm and always register where the toilets are.. Oh and take Imodium to slow the gut down when necessary

  • How often do you use Imodium and how many in one day do you need to take?

  • Hi Sandy,

    I am sure I have put my finger on the root causes of IBS, and maybe other autoimmune diseases too. I have beaten my after over 25 years. Have a look around my blog: SickofIBS.com I am currently working on a self-help recovery guide, so that everyone can find the way out of their IBS. So don't give up:)


  • Hi, I have had IBS-C for many years, it does stop me doing a few things and enjoying life to the full, but I try and think positive, looking forward to having special times with family and friends. Eating out can be some times tricky, trying to avoid FODMAPS, but I can go out so I am very lucky. As more research is done, we all hope there is going to be some light at the end of the very long tunnel! 😃

  • Hi jimtom, I am behind the times with that, I have not heared about a new organ being discovered. Yes fingers crossed.

  • It was on news a while ago I'm sure you can find out about it on the net

  • Would that be an organism ?

  • Found it, check out the link below...


  • Hi jimtom, thank you for that, I'll have a look.

  • You are welcome.

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