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16 had ibs for 5 yrs

Hi, I'm 16 and I've had ibs since the age of 11 (lucky me, getting a head start)! Ever since I got it my life has seemingly just gone downhill. I'm not fit anymore, as social. I had depression for like 2 yrs but got over it but even though I've really tried to change my mindset and get my life back up it still brings me down and sometimes I struggle to cope with school and it. I was just wondering if anyone had any tips to help keep my mindset and attitude up even in the darkest hours and if anyone has any advice to make my ibs better (I know this sounds stupid but even after 5 yrs I still haven't done much to make it better apart from drinking a tone of water). Does anyone know if there is a cure for ibs? ( i know the NHS and stuff say there isn't but I have an open mind to more unusual ideas)

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Also does anyone have any tips for exercise and sport with ibs


Hiya has your doctor not advised you to write down what you eat as if not then that's what you need to do firstly as you need to find out what triggers your ibs attacks.. Stress is a big one and we all know being a teenager and one with a health problem is not the easiest thing to deal with...

There definitely isn't a cure for ibs I have had since birth and I am now 40.

There isn't exercise what you should avoid and it would be great for your health and mind.

Hope you learn how to cope and live with it sooner rather than later :-)

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I have ibs. My dr referred me to a dietitian who recommended the FODMAP diet. (Google it) basically you cut out lots of trigger foods and slowly introduce them one by one. This shows which ones trigger it (mine is onion so i don't eat any and im a lot better!)

Ask to talk to a specialist and be persistent! I feel 100% better after this ☺️

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Do you have parents or family that support you.

My 15 ur old son too has IBS were coming up to a yr in April since the diagnosis. We are supportive of him and help to keep him in good spirits.


Hi, I have just turned 17 and have also had it for 5 years (since starting secondary school). I found that making a food dairy helped at first to see what your triggers are. I also have just began taking probiotics which I saw highly recommend on this website and my local chemist. Hope this helps 😊

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Hi there Nick,

I had IBS symptoms from early childhood, but it didn't really flare up until I was 20.

I had IBS for years (chronic IBS for the last 10 years) - but I have beaten it.

Here's a list of my symptoms. Are yours in there too? sickofibs.com/ibs-symptoms/...

So the answer is yes, it is possible to beat IBS. Look around my blog for some inspiration on the "how". My blog is different in that the articles gradually lead you to understand what you need to be doing.

Hope this helps you,



You can definitely cure IBS. I had it most of my adult life until a year ago when I completely changed my diet. Now I don't have it at all and not only that I have cured other things I had as well. First i cut out gluten and dairy (all milk products), soya, all processed food, refined sugar and caffeine. I also started eating a high fat,low carb diet and eating loads of fruit and vegetables, nuts,seeds, herbs and spices. High fat would be things like good quality meat ideally from grass fed animals and cook your food in lard or animal fat. Make bone broth. Also things like avocados, coconuts, nuts and seeds are all high fat. Fish is good as well. Use coconut oil to cook in as well as lard and olive oil on salads. Avoid vegetable and sunflower oils. Eggs are great, buy the best quality you can. Drink almond, oat or any nut milk but avoid ones with fillers in, go for just nuts and water, you can make your own easily.Almond works best in tea, but go for best quality teabags decaf, they taste lovely. For grains eat wild rice, quinoa, gluten free noodles but keep this a small part of your diet. Most of your diet should be vegetables but you might find some are a problem for you and the only way to find out is too cut them out and reintroduce. Use date syrup, coconut sugar or honey instead of sugar. Drinking lots of water is good. Mineral water is better, I drink volvic because it has a high silica content which is good for detoxing. Cucumbers also do. I make smoothie juices for drinks, just blend berries and things like beetroot, spinach whatever and then sieve. Or squeeze your own oranges. Taking a probiotic supplement like Biokult or Optibac will help, can buy on eBay/Amazon.

Diet is everything but our 'health' system knows very little about it, they just look at symptoms and treat them with drugs, never actually looking for the cause or creating true health.

The gut and the brain are closely linked so your depression will probably improve a lot once you sort the diet. You also need to do exercise that you enjoy, and go out and be in nature and get the sun on your skin every day, don't use sun cream it stops Vit D being absorbed which is essential. Try doing yoga and meditation if you can. Swimming outdoors can also help. Taking fish oils can also help.

There is so much you can do but depending on how you live now it might be a massive change of lifestyle for you,not easy at first but it becomes easy over time and is so worth it. Good luck 😀


Hi our food triggers vary,mine are nuts,seeds and gluten,but the one thing we all seem to have in common is stress and anxiety that also cause it.But who wouldn't get stressed if they thought that they could not find a toilet in time and so the circle goes on and on.

Forever Aloe Vera gel is brilliant(not aloe vera juice drink) it made a huge difference to me Also Manuka Honey 5+.10+etc is great,please google them to find out more.I still have to omit my trigger foods out of my diet and if i am going to a strange place where i don't know where the toilets are i take Imodium instants ,2 usually lasts a full day and this then takes the stress factor away about where the nearest toilet is.

I wish you well as you are so young and hope you have a great life ahead


Food diary. Try the FODMAPS diet. Also watch for products that contain hidden ingredients like dairy, gluten, or my personal enemy - corn.

As far as exercise, I enjoy hiking, running and yoga. I think exercise is overlooked - it helps us to reduce stress and it can help stretch out our bodies. Gentle yoga is great in general, but can also be done when feeling a little crummy. You can either go to a class or watch on YouTube. I love running as well, which sometimes conflicts with my guts. If I'm having a really bad flare-up I don't run and am conscious of what I've eaten previously. I also plan running routes with bathroom stops.

Is there any exercise you like? I'm sure it can all be modified to suit your needs.


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