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Hello I am new to this and thought I would just share my story and see if anybody had any tips or advice they might like to pass on!

I developed IBS symptoms in 2012 after someone very close to me passed away. I began having the most painful stomach cramps to the point where I could not stand up after meals; at one point my mum was upset just watching me in so much pain. The thing we could not understand at that point was why it was such agony for a minute or so, then it would just stop (which was a good thing as that pain for longer than a minute or so would have killed me) but then start again soon after. It would last about 45 minutes on and off until I finally needed the toilet and then like a miracle it was over.

We booked to see a specialist and I had all of those tests, camera up and down. He also made me keep a food diary and did a test to see if I had any allergies in particular and it came back 0. I could see that my pain was more often after reheated food; so one night I could eat home made cottage pie the second not a chance.... and takeaway meals ect didnt do me much good either.

Once I cut those out of my diet and began taking a anti spasm medication before food, which meant if it did trigger anything the cramps were less often and a lot more manageable until again I ended up on the loo... it has been better.

I also found now that when I am stressed, all food just triggers my stomach which my specialist assured me is actually normal as the stomach is one of the most sensitive parts of our body... but knowing what food to avoid has helped anyway.

Does anybody have advice for things that might help ease the pain once it starts. Other than riding it out, with or without my medication, nothing works. As you all know it is not stomach ache, painkillers / heat do nothing for me and I do not really like tea, although if people think it does help I can try!

recently it has become more regular again despite me being even more cautious about what food has been reheated ect, it has made me not want to go out for meals and I have stopped eating at work just incase, I just want to be better again!!!

Sorry for the long message, but if anyone has the time to read it and reply I would be extremely grateful!!

(as you can see it is 2.34am and I am currently wide awake awaiting my trip to the toilet which is unusual as I obviously have not eaten in quite a few hours, usually its straight away!)

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I get similar pain. It's below my pant line, it is so painful I drop to my knees or double over if I'm sitting. And then it disappears. And it always means I need to use the washroom. I've tried Pepto bismol which helps a little, but that might be psychological. Drinking hot water is also good. If I'm at home I try and do child pose from yoga. It feels like it stretches the guts out.

Have you tried the FODMAPS elimination diet? You might be able to find some food triggers. Though my pain can also come seemingly from nowhere, though I do relate it to stress.


No I haven't but I can try it! I will google it , same yoga never tried that either :)

I do have one trigger; reheated food.. but like you sometimes the pain comes from nowhere usually for a couple of days atleast.. I found that we do sometimes all have subconscious stress so even when we are feeling fine it can still be there.

I forgot to mention acupuncture helps; my grandad is an acupuncturist and you can have it for anything really but it is good for 'stress' so I guess that is the link.

Thank you.


Sounds as tho' your pain is 'wind' in your stomach and can become excruciating, as you say it is a good job it does not go on for very long or I think we would all pass out!!! I would say your trouble once again is all stress related as you are worrying all the time about this problem and what to eat or not eat and maybe you are worrying about other things too.

I take Silicolgel once a day BEFORE my main meal and also a Phenergan at night an hour before I go to bed, best sleep I have had in a very long time as it has a mild sedative in it but is actually a Hayfever Pill/Travel Sickness Pill, so it is not harmful, even o.k for children to take (don't know whether you are on other medications which might interact?) it also has a calming affect on the stomach for the next day, so I suggest you get both and see the difference!!! I have felt better than I have in 10years of having IBS!!! Good Luck!!


Hi Amy,

I would suggest trying essential oil of exotic basil. It's a good all-rounder for IBS and really helped with my bloating. see my article for details: sickofibs.com/ibs-symptoms/...

Have you been to see anyone about your loss and your grieving? A couple of sessions talking it through with a qualified psychologist could really help you unload some of the remaining emotions you have locked away - and this could improve your IBS. Asking for outside help from a psychologist doesn't mean we're mad. It just means that we are intelligent enough to accept a little outside help with something personal and particularly challenging.

Hope this helps,



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