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I am a newbie.

I am at my wits end as I write this and going back to my docs tomorrow as been a few times with what I have and usually seen a practice nurse as have to wait weeks to see a doc.

I have ME,and 57, and had ME for nine years,I only got diagnosed in 2015 after having so many tests.

I started with this pain in my lower stomach,it's like period pain but without the period as they finished 10 yrs ago.the pain started in April last year,it's quite severe when it comes but not every day,I saw the doc who said I should see a gastroenterologist which I did,I had blood tests,all came back normal,I had very small amount of blood so that's why I saw the gastroenterologist .she tried to do a flexi sigmoidoscopy but they couldn't as painful,I have had two before in 2010 and 2012 and showed haemorrhoids and diverticulosis or diverticulitis not sure which,anyway they decided to do a CT scan in July of my pelvis,ovaries,and stomach I think and came back normal.By August the pain had gone and I went back to see the gastroenterologist told her and said any more problems go back to your doctor.i had no more pain till January this year when I found very small amount of blood and mucus and pain back again not every day and twic blood small amount,no I am starting to feel nausea not every day,and I have lost two pound in weight since January,but my weight as I weigh myself each week is the same no lower but other thing is I was heating healthy,veg and fruit,fish but hardly any meat as was thinking of going vegetarian,but since end of January have been craving, chocolate,cakes,bus cures anything sweet and been eating what I want but no weight gain.

Apart from the pain and nausea and ME I feel ok, does anyone have similar,I am going to ask for another camera test tomorrow.i have had three lots of bloods checking my thyroid,esr,full blood count,anemia everything normal,is anything I should ask for tomorrow,eg different blood tests,etc.

Thank you.

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