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Hi All, I was diagnosed with a food intolerance to gluten, wheat and dairy in December last year. I was diagnosed with IBS when I was 16 though (now 24) and been on imodiums ever since. Approx 4 a day. Now that I know the reason for my IBS was a food intolerance I am trying to come off imodiums. I'm currently down to two a day and I am still getting constipated at night but diarrhea in the morning. However as I am lowering them my anxiety is through the roof and its like I don't trust my own body or feelings if I was to stop taking them completely. Anybody else had this issue?

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  • Can you take half tablets and spread them out differently to ease your worries?

  • I have capsules so it would be quite difficult but I guess I could ask for tablet form.

  • Talk with your doctor

  • Are you taking any meds for your IBS such as mebeverine? Then you only need to have immodiums as and when. Any changes to your habits will upset things for a while and high anxiety will certainly make things worse until you are less stressed. Would def speak to your doctor. X

  • I found Mebeverine had limited benefit and was taken off them last year when diagnosed with diverticulosis. Trouble is I was advised to take Buscopan which of course does nothing for diarrhoea! Dont bother with it now. Immodium did not help at that stage either, had 6 episodes of diarrhoea and Immodium did not help last November! This was on a river cruise so no stress away from home. Do not know the cause of that episode. I would go back to GP or try other methods e.g. food allergy, dietician, acupuncture. Psyllium husk was suggested to me but not by GP, not nice taste but may work.

  • I only take imodiums as nothing else works, now that I know it's a food intolerance you would think my ibs would go away but because I'm so dependent on imodiums and get so anxious it's like nothing has changed even when I eat correctly

  • I know what my triggers are and avoid them as best i can,but suddenly finding myself in a unexpected situation can cause anxiety and the need to find a toilet without warning is so off putting ,that you feel trapped. So i can understand your concern totally.

    Two years ago i had an ultra sound and a ct scan to be told that my organs were healthy.So i looked into other ways to help myself,Forever Aloe Vera Gel changed my life,but it has to be the genuine gel and not Aloe Vera juice drink.Within a week i could feel and see a huge difference,so much so that i had the confidence to travel and not worry about where the nearest toilet was.That worked well for 18 months,and to take the stress out of travelling i would always take 1 imodium on the day of travelling .I think my body became too used to the Aloe Vera as it seemed to not work as well, and then i read about Manuka Honey and i am having great success with this.Please read up about both of these products.I think that imodium gives us the confidence, so although most days i am fine i will take the stress out of going to new places out of the equation and take an imodium until i find my confidence about the new location.

    I hope this information may help and i wish you well.

  • Hey, I have tried the juice but not the gel. I'll have a look into it! Thank you

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