Nighttime diahorrea

I am 51 year old female have been on morphine patches for 18 months for crumbled neck discs & trapped nerves that have caused pain in my left arm & hand for 18months. Tried every drug going & awaiting injection in my neck. Came of morphine 28th Jan since 4th feb could not stop having diahorrea mainly at night literally pouring out 6-9 times a night. Saw emergency dr 13th feb said came of morphine too quickly put me on liquid morphine wants me over 3 weeks to reduce from 1 5ml morn & night to 1/4of a 5ml by the 3rd wk! By day 2 of taking medication diahorrea stopped. 1 eve a missed a dose & diahorrea started again. Yest took all medication & was up all nite being ill so scared it's not the morphine. I sweat like made in the night my stomach makes terrible sounds I literally have to run to the toilet it just pours out like water it is horrendous please help soooo scared tried to make dr app but full.

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  • I know how you feel.I had the same symptoms a few years ago when I stopped smoking after over 40 years.It lasted for 3 weeks approx.10 times a day.Got Imodium from the doctors but it made no difference.Was told it was my body reacting to stopping smoking.I got fed up with it and I started smoking again.The diarrhea stopped.The mistake I made was suddenly stopping smoking and not doing it gradually to allow my body to adapt.However I am still smoking.Too afraid I will have the same reaction again.Hope it all clears up for you very soon.

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    You may find this article interesting:


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  • Mandy,

    I am really sorry you are going through all this. It's totally normal to feel really scared. Phone the doc again and insist or get someone to take you to back to the emergency doc. You can't keep going like this and you need some more professional help getting the morphine level you need right.

    The diarrhea could be produced in part by the stress you are under and the pain you are in. If that is the case, deep breathing should help a little, but it is extremely difficult to relax when you're in pain. If you want to try, have a look at :


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