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Irritating pain


Hi there just wondering if anyone else has these symptons, ive had ibs come and go past few years but past few months it's got from having few hours pain everyday to constant irritable pain at rectum all the time after 1St bowel movement in the morning, which could be 3_4 times in 1hr,also during the day now I have to urinate lots feels like a bladder problem now to,this is making me very anxious and depressed have trouble sleeping, wish this would all stop before it drives me crazy, any help greatly appreciated thanks

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Would strongly advise you to go and see your Doctor and get a proper diagnosis. This may have nothing to do with your IBS and could be something else altogether. You are obviously worried now and not sleeping properly, so go to the Doc and ask for help. That's what they are there for.

Good luck and all the best for the future.



Do get to your doctor and get it checked if only to ease your worries.

In the meantime maybe consider taking a probiotic once or twice per day, I also take coconut oil which helps. When I do get a flare up which isn't so often these days I eat a banana which seems to calm my stomach.

You do need to get it checked by a doctor tho so please book yourself an appointment.

Good luck.

I have the same issues but with pelvic pain also. It's miserable along with the horrible pains that wake me every night. My urologist told me that this is all part of IBS. GI doc hardly talks or listens. You're definitely not alone. Do you ever have blood on the toilet paper?

Bigmant64 in reply to wizzie2090

Hi wizzie I havnt had any blood on the paper, a few months ago I had few tests done bloods and poop test all was OK,if I were you I'd go see Dr have a test might be internal piles or heamaroids.Im waiting now to go for a colonoscopy had minor check done with the gastroenterologist early December, he said I had internal heamaroids but not to worry, wish this test would come soon I've never had as bad a flare up as I'm having now, feeling so depressed and anxious now the Dr has me on antidepressant, ive been an anxious person most my life, I don't know now if it's anxiety or what I'm eating is causing me problems, have you had this for long, does it ever go away, trying to remain positive learn mindfulness and meditation, I'm not working now havnt the energy, lack of sleep I like long-distance walking, now I'm lucky to be able do 30 mins so debilitating this illness.

I've been going to the Dr., had all the tests, even had surgery to repair all the physical damage IBS did to me. We do get depressed and very anxious. I've recently become afraid of food. I try very hard to eat, but I'm always afraid. I have horrible anxiety when I have to go somewhere. Just now thinking about it gives me butterflies and not in a good way. I've had this for over 3 years and I get no relief. I take care of my dogs first and I come last. I think my IBS was caused from the stress of my husband's death. Sleep? I get 2 hours at a time. Never enough. I'm up so early, that I fall asleep very early. Bad nighttime pain. I usually take one pain pill a night. Prescribed of course. I also use medical marijuana at night to help my brain stop thinking only bad things. It distracts me and I fall asleep until the next time. Are you still waiting for a diagnosis? I always get mine before I leave, along with pictures (creepy). Bigmant64, if you have IBS, depending on if it's D, C, or M, there are a few drugs that can be prescribed. None of them have helped me for longer than a week and that's usually only one symptom. Many people are helped. I get sick even if I don't eat. Annoying pain all day and early evening. Debilitating pain all night and morning. I hope you're luckier than I am. Missing life.

Hi it sounds like your bowels are not soaking enough water in which is going to make you urinate more and also make your rectum sore as will make your stools harder so be like having bowel movements when your constipated. As above probiotics will help, more exercise and sudo creme for your rectum and also talk to your gp if your really concerned.

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