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Swollen stomach

Hello, I'm Carol from Northumberland. I've had IBS for around 20 years now, I take Mebeverine which along with a good clean diet keeps flare ups to a minimum, however .. my stomach is my problem, huge .. I have a bulge under my bra line, then it flattens slightly then bulges out to make me look seven months pregnant! Awful!

I am 56, working, active - i walk at least 20 miles a week, i do try targeted tummy exercises but nothing seems to reduce it. I often feel bloated but I am going to switch to mint herbal tea as I have read that will help.

Anything else I can try? I am seeing my doctor next week about something unrelated but is it worth getting tested for anything else, Sibo?Candida? Its a new doctor so I don't know how much she knows about IBS.

Any advice is very welcome, thank you.

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Try the Low FODMAP diet . check out Monash University and A Little Bit Yummy websites and blogs


Thanks, but I've done all that .. I don't want to change my diet again, I know what my triggers are & I find I'm best on a 'clean diet' which is very similar anyway.

Can I ask which food intolerance test kits people have tried & would recommend?


Hi you could ask for a CA125 (I think) blood test - highlights a possible ovarian cancer risk. Not wanting to scare you but IBS can be linked as similar symptoms but may be good to rule it out. I tested slightly high so had to go for a scan but all was fine.

Good luck x


I paid privately through Cambridge nutritional sciences for a food sensitivity test. Was pricey but highlighted sensitivity to wheat and dairy and peas! Amongst a few others. You can still be sensitive to wheat/gluten but not be allergic (coeliac).

Good luck x


Hi Carol need help too - just been diagnosed with IBS so depressed and yes my stomach is the worst. So bloated do not where to start also the constipation is really bad too going to start on over the counter constipation relieve and see what happens.


Miserable, isn't it .. I am going to the doctor's next week (new doctor) & see what he/she says, my last doctor was not at all helpful or easy to talk to .. so I will take it from there, but probably get tests done to establish what food reacts with me as at the moment, i have no idea & I'm fed up with the guessing game. My only advice to you is try to get your constipation sorted as a priority as your bowels play a big part in IBS. Good luck!


Hello Carol,

You can get breath tests done to check if you have SIBO. It is worth getting that checked out.

There are herbal remedies for Candida. In your diet using thyme and oregano and coconut oil may improve things too (and garlic if you can tolerate it).

I used to bloat up 2 dress sizes every day - but I have finally got rid of IBS.

You may find also find that stress is causing the spasms, in which case try this: sickofibs.com/well-being/a-...

Hope this helps,



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