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Headaches, fainting and diarrhoea


I have IBS was diagnosed back in 2006 but have never suffered anything like I am now. I started having headaches 3 weeks ago started off every few days now it's at the point it's everyday. I don't take painkillers usually as I am a firm believer in constant pill popping for headaches will cause an immunity to them. The headaches have gotten so bad I'm starting to feel faint i fainted the other night with the sudden pain. To top it off I started having diarrhoea 7 days ago everything I eat goes through me but I don't feel unwell apart from weak and run down from headaches I have no stomach cramps or IBS cramps I feel this isn't related to IBS. Sorry for the long post but want to know if anyone has had anything similar to this as it is really interfering with my everyday life now. Thank you for any replies

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Would suggest a visit to gp explaining as you have here. Sounds like some tests are in order. The two things could be unrelated so maybe a trip to an optician as well.


I've started suffering headaches everyday for 2 weeks now and my ears have been hurting and my eyes and I've done nothing differently but doctor just gives me painkillers which haven't helped so far so I feel your pain.


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