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Finally a positive find to my IBS-D

Hi All -

Anyone with IBS-D might be interested to continue reading - first a bit about my situation.

I'm 29 y o guy from scandinavia, working as artist and musician professionally. I am quite sure to have had IBS since early teens, and from my diagnose of bipolar, I'm well aware that I am a very sensitive spirit - indeed this is what makes me work with art - and that my body often is in a hightened level of stress. Life as an artist is not stabile and tough on your self esteem - factors that heavily affect my mood, and naturally also my IBS.

In periods what I have to perform to perfection, I have very high expectations on my shoulders. In cases like this, I have experienced my diarrea to be a handicap, really, going to the toilet up to 6-8 times a day.

It's an absolute jungle to find help with - Although I have access to really good doctors and specialist. All tests were good - and IBS the only possible explaination.

I do yoga, not very mindful tho, I like to swim and run and don't consider myself to be very anxious all the time. However, I experienced stuff in my past that I think somehow have stayed in my body.

To complicate stuff further, I fall in love with boys and consider myself homosexual. Anyone knowing IBS-D will know that the last thing you want is to have anal sex, so the combination of those two have brought my love life really big problems throughout my life. My last long term relationship, 5 years with a man I loved, was breaking from this condition. And guys that I have wanted to be with, with all my heart, I had to say 'no' being too embarressed to give them the reason.

The unfortunate gay/IBS-D combi have given me lots of grief, in turn worsening my IBS and pressure on myself.

The only thing I have found to work is immodium - if i could take them regularily, i would. For me, drops of medicinal opium also works ( I know, this is something i got from my grandma:). The HUSK psyllium sometimes also helps but i think its pretty hard to figure out the pattern in this. Beer is BAD - I would know - It's a clichée, musicians drink constatly, yep.

Then - and I swear, I don't work for this company! - i found these organic, locally produced oats that are coarsely ground in a mill without gluten. When i eat these in the morning (with almond milk) I can go for a day (!) without having to go to the toilet. For years and years, that never happened. I always woke up, having to go at least 2, 3 times in the morning before i left house. the stool is pretty good condition, not perfect, but hey, whos perfect.

So, I wanted to share this with you to hear if anyone else are on the same path. I think the diet could be called:

High, High fibre breakfast to start the day,

avoid gluten, beer & alcohol and celebrate diversity and kindness,



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Hey - that's great news. So do you avoid gluten entirely? I usually eat oats every morning as well. I am convinced in my case being active helps reduce stress which helps reduce flare-ups, so it's good to hear you're still doing activities.

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Hey dog runner:)

No, I just try and keep gluten at minimum. To me, this is not about intolerence, more about balance i suppose...

Im not sure, but i think these oats are special. Ive tried to eat others, but these have a really special effect on me.



Hi, thanks for sharing. I do take Imodium daily, one in the morning and one at lunchtime. Except for the most stressful days it's enough to keep me even. On bad days I can take 3 or 4 x

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I am at the point that immodium does not help. I take four lomotil a day and this helps but at times I feel like a zombie! Nothing helps. Five years now and maybe a total of one month of feeling well. Fodmap, gluten free, retired to avoid stress , the worst is daily balls of poop falling out and not knowing it! I hate the thought of eating anymore.


hi, thanks for your comment.

I think american doctors tell you its harmless, but mine says being regular on immodium is a bad idea... how long have you done that, and is the effect of the immodium the same as when you started?

best, p


Hello great news glad to hear about the oats. I have ibs and I have bad flare ups I try to eat less chocolate and cheese and greasy food. No tea anymore either and I take immodium if I need to. Can you tell me what the oats are as I'd like to try them.

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Hi Michael!

check them out here


all best,


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Hi there,

I am also a sensitive person. You say that you have experienced stuff in the past that you think has stayed in your body. Getting to the source of that and emptying out the emotions could really help you with your IBS.

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Hey Alison,

thanks yes... I've been through lots of therapy, and often have this feeling of wanting to cry but being blocked... I've had quite many blows in my life and my way of tackling it has always to remain strong and protect myself... perhaps this could be the source - learning to not always have walls around my soul.


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