Feeling better, then get worse again? It's down to mind armies!

Hi all, I am signed up to a news letter of the guy who developed the IBS Audio Program 100 for adults. ( I did his IBS and Anxiety programs) and he posted a blog about how the mind and body connection can knock us back even when we feel we are doing better. But importantly he explains it simply, and it makes so much sense.

Hope it helps some of you. As I say a longish read but worth it (in my view anyway).



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  • An interesting read. How did you find the IBS and Anxiety programmes? Did they help?

  • Hi there, yes I thought it was too. I can safely say both did good for me. The IBS program gave me some great insight, helped build my understanding of IBS, guided me in using my own natural abilities to make changes to my digestive system by using my own thoughts. It helped my mood and confidence too which helped my general anxiety. So happy I used the anxiety program. It was excellent too, both programs are structured, the anxiety one has resource libries, short tracks to help you understand feelings quickly. The sessions are gentle and I found effective. You have to work with them and put the effort in, but for me they turned things around brilliantly. I'm going to do the same guys osteoarthritis program soon and looking forward to it. Hope this helps. Peace!

  • Thanks for the information. I might give it a go.

  • I found it really helpful as well

  • Hi there, I emailed the guy, Michael to let him know I'd added the link. I asked if he would either let me have a link to a recording about the same. I'm waiting for a reply from him, but his secretary confirmed receipt of email. He can only say no! I do think his work is good and his secretary said they had heard of this site, so fingers crossed!


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