Ibs or not?

Hi I'm new to this site and just trying to gauge if I indeed have ibs. Just this last couple of weeks I've noticed a change in my bowel movements. Along with this I have a pain in my right side around my hip. This does tend to get better slowly once I've had a movement. Every morning I can go to the loo about 3/4 times only passing a little bit each time. Any body else with ibs have these symptoms? I have suffered with anxiety disorder and im wondering whether this is connected. Any advice anybody has would be most helpful.

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  • My advice would be that if you have a sudden onset of a change in bowel movements you should see your Doctor first to rule out anything else.

  • I tend to agree with dotty, go and get your GP to refer you to a Gastrologist if you r concerned about a chage of bowel habit and pain.

  • Yep - doctors for you! Don't worry or feel embarrassed- they've seen this hundreds of times.


  • I agree see your gp .it could be IBS or it could be some other condition.dont want to worry you but need to explore all possibilities.i don't think you will get a referral straight away ,they may as mine has request a stool sample first.goodluck.hope you get a result soon.

  • Thanks everyone. .I will. .but just yesterday and now, the cramp and dull pain has now gone...I am wondering does anybody think this could be related to my health anxiety disorder? ...yesterday I felt less anxious and panicky and it doesn't seem as bad...

  • Yes I do. Anxiety can usually conjure up physical symptoms (often different in each case)

  • Saw doc today gave symptoms did abdo men exam and rectal exam. No lumps in abdomen. And confirmed internal and external piles. He has referred me for a colonoscopy just to put my mind at rest about anything serious but from my symptoms said nothing pointed to anthin like cancer. He has prescribed a mild anti anxiety medication and some fybogel for the constipation. So feel a little better. ...

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