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Ibs or not?

Ive never had any issues with my belly however for the pass six weeks ive had none stop direah and very dark almost black feceas very painful cramps and feeling sick all the time. Ive tottally lost my appitite and had blinding headaces ive taken lots of differnt things such as immodium wich dose help. Ive not eaten anything differnt its just come out of no were can anybody help?

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I would recommend going to see your GP. It's probably nothing to be alarmed by, but I would want the sudden change of bowel habit and the very dark faeces investigated properly: very dark stools can sometimes be a sign of bleeding further up the intestines which, if true, would need to be investigated pretty sharpish.

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Thannkyou i have since been and are waiting on blood test


I think you should be checked for Caeliac disease.


I have since been to the gp were im waiting on results for this he did do other test and all came back normal


Hi Vicky, I just read your post and I think you need to push your GP for more tests. Especially if the above is a sudden change in bowel habit lasting in excess of six weeks. Hope you get some answers from your GP, or maybe you could push for an urgent referral to a specialist GI consultant.


Dark stools can mean you're bleeding in your intestinal track. You need to see a doctor immediately. Don't delay, even tho you're scared. It's probably nothing, but ignoring bleeding isn't going to get you better.


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