Stress,food sensitivities to gluten,nuts and seeds have made my life very difficult at times.I have decided that i want to see the world and i am going to Singapore,Melbourne,Sydney and Hong Kong in March,any tips on controlling my sometimes very urgent trips to the loo? That's long flights,strange cities,the unknown and here we go with the stress mounting etc,but i'm only here once and i want to enjoy my life.

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  • I suffer with colitis and have to watch what I eat. Went to China last year and had no problems, been to Australia several times. Last time I went my Aunt found me the best gluten free chocolate cake I have ever had, they seem to have more options when eating out. I just make sure I have in my hand luggage medicine which helps me when I think I might need it. Just relax and enjoy it. You will have a fantastic time. They have a lot of outlets for eating out, just ask for gluten free products you will find them. Have a very good time.

  • Imodium. If I get the sense that I'm going to be trapped on transport and ill I'll take a half tablet. More than that and I get bloated and cramping. Pack a diaper in carry-on just in case - it'll give mental security at the least. Take your own toilet paper. Keep extra change in case toilets are pay per use. Don't pack your schedule too full, so if you need a day to just toodle close to home you can.

    I find in some countries my IBS improves greatly, probably due to a different diet, so you may come home with some new information.

    And enjoy yourself! Of those locations I've only been to Hong Kong. Great city.

  • I fully agree with your positive outlook. Not letting the condition control you.

    At 70 , I avoid long haul travel but go to European destinations regularly. I tend to use immodium fairly liberally on the travel days and my doctor gives me a small supply of diazepam tablets which control the stress on aeroplanes and other public transport.

    I tend to also feel trapped on transport and start to fear I won't make it to a Loo. This makes things worse ,so Diazapam 2mg really help greatly with the travel stress.

    Lastly , like runwithdogs, I sometimes find that different places sometimes improve the condition.

    Go for it !


  • I am also going to Australia this year and getting stressed allready trying to get a seat on the flight next to the toilet. I cannot take immodium as I will then be in a lot of pain with constipation. I do not even go till November. Let me know how you go on.

  • Hi,please try Forever Aloe Vera Gel,it's not cheap but it gave to me a life changing difference.I had ultra sounds and ct scan done but nothing showed up,even though i was going to the loo 10 times a day.That worked for a long time i went to Barbados,Tenerife and Portugal with out any worries.So that is why i booked my next trip with confidence.But in October all changed again!!! Now i have been taking Manuka Honey ,it has to be 5+minimum,again it's not cheap,but for now it helping big time.

  • I am a stress related IBS sufferer and can't travel without silicolgel. It controls the stomach cramps, wind and diarrhoea, urges to use a toilet for me. I use it for planes and commuter trains particularly as no loos at all on our trains. It contains silicic acid and I take it the night before and on the day of travel. It has been a godsend for me as you will see by my other posts and responses to people. I always travel with a comfort pack in your bag of water, sick bags, toilet tissue and anan emergency immodium but haven't had to use any of this since using silicolgel. I really hope you find something that works for you as IBS seems to be very individual in what provides effective relief. Try to find a relaxation method to focus on too at times of stress. This helps greatly taking your mind off the fact the toilet is engaged on a flight or train trip and absorb yourself in films! I close my eyes, deep breathe and OM as noone cam hear you over the trabel noises. If there is a window to open i open that too as feelimg cool helps me. Good luck.

  • Hi, love your post& i have the same stress related ibs d. Mine is worse in the morning. I have just started using silicol gel& find it works wonders .I am going travelling to Costa Rica doing a bus trip& was planning on taking a large silicol gel in my hand luggage. It's unclear whether this is allowed. Don't want to be without it on holiday & couldn't risk it being in the hold .Do you take it in your hand luggage?

  • as far as I know, you can't take any liquid over 50mls through security - however I think if you bought silicolgel from the air-side Boots - then you can carry it on board and no problems. It's just that you can't take anything more than 50mls bought outside of the airport through security and onto the plane. You need to check that though - don't get caught out - that would set off my IBS D right away having my silicolgel confiscated at security!!! Wow, Costa Rica - fantastic and I'd definitely have to take it for a trip like that where presumably toilets may be a bit grim, infrequent and busy to get to use. Have a really wonderful time - love to hear how you get on. If I were you, I'd wrap a smaller bottle of silicolgel up in a few plastic bags (just in case it did burst) and put it into the hold luggage in the middle of your packing, just in case you can't buy it air-side but I'm pretty sure you can get it from Boots at air-side stores.

  • Hi 50 mls is what you can take in your hand luggage of each individual items.Much larger amounts can be put in you main luggage which goes in the hold.I have never had a problem with this.I could not travel otherwise,also a doctor's letter stating that the medication is for your use only might help.I am going to Australia via Singapore in 6 weeks and have to have such a letter for there.Hope some of this information is useful.

  • Hi,50 mls of each individual item is what you can take in your hand luggage.Just put the rest in your main luggage which goes in the hold.I have travelled with litre bottles of Aloe Vera Gel this way and have not had a problem.Forever Aloe Vera Gel also helps IBSD,it changed my life in a big way,however after a year i had to change the Manuka Honey 5+ and probiotics as it stopped working for me.However once opened it has to be refridgerated,the honey does not.Hope you have a fantastic holiday in Costa Rica,

  • I suggest taking Imodium - for me it helps calm my stress when travelling and calms my stomach!! Also helps me to go to the loo just once a day and solid. Hope you have a lovely time x

  • I have found these posts really interesting. There are no indications that my "urgency" is related to stress and all my symptoms seem to be related only to long-term treatment with Metformin for diabetes. I am still carrying on with life but do take precautions like having a bag in my car with clean-up material and spare clothes, and wearing Tena Lady pants when travelling. Going to Tasmania is my next object and, having read advice about Imodium and silicol gel I'll ask my diabetes nurse if they are safe to use in this way with the medications I'm taking (which include Warfarin and drugs for heart problems). I've done the journey before and it was no problem then (pre IBS) and as I'm 74 now guess I can get help along the way from railway and airline. Worst problem likely to be insurance!

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