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Just a note, following my last post from Holiday in Italy.

Did not have a great day on Thursday last with multiple trips to the loo. However,

with the aid of 2 Immodium capsules on Thursday night and 2 more on Friday morning , the journey home was accomplished without incident . I thought I would be constipated for days , but no , managed a BM this morning.

Thank goodness for these little capsules , I do not think I would risk travelling far now without them. I only hope they keep working. I assume that if you used them all the time on a daily basis, perhaps your body would get used to them and they would cease to be effective. At 69 yrs old I just hope they keep working for a while yet and I do try to use them sparingly and only if really necessary .

Just thought an update on travelling with IBS might even encourage others who are maybe worse off with their symptoms and don't want to go out at all.



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  • Glad to hear you made it home, with no mishaps will, as you say continuously taking them, your body will get use to them and stop working. But glad they are helping you now.

  • My consultant told me to view Imodium as my friend and that there was no long term risk. She suggested taking them before eating any potential culprit food or drink instead of avoiding. So far I don't need to take them on a daily basis but they are a life saver when things get tough. I'm taking plenty with me on holiday! They are expensive to buy so hope everyone aware that they are available on prescription.

  • Ok thanks very much. Script it is. Be good as a back up as my Son's Wedding is at the end of July.


  • I take Imodium everyday and have not found I build up resistance

  • Must get some as met my friend in Manchester & needed 2 trains to get there. My husband drove me to the 1st Station & I said my tummy is really painful today. Midway on the train it was oh no I need the loo. Just made it to the Loo in Lime St, Liverpool. The Disabled Loo was empty, hurrah. Good job I caught the earlier train....a lesson well learnt. Was ok for the rest of the day.....but it could have been much worse!

    Have just ordered the Radar Key too for emergencies. Jackie.

  • I too have just ordered the Radar key, I can't believe all these years & I didn't know about it. If it even helps me to remain calmer in the knowledge I have more options to go if I need to, then that in itself will help. Ax

  • Thanks for that Will I am travelling in 2 weeks time into Eastern Europe. Romania through to Hungary and stopping at Croatia, Serbia etc. I will also be taking my Immodium and all my emergency supplies. Glad to hear it has not put you off travelling. This is bad enough without letting it take over your entire life. I am so looking forward to my holiday and am going to try relaxation and breathing exercises too. They do actually help and give you more time to get to the loo!!!

  • Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for all your replies. Travelling , having to be somewhere for an appointment and such like are all stressful for most IBS sufferers so good that Immodium is readily available.

    I note some replies indicate that you can continue taking them without fear of body becoming resistant t them. It would be good to know if this is a certainty because I often avoid taking them when in fact taking them would provide a feeling of safety.

    I have mentioned in the past , that I play a lot of golf and particularly, if in a competition ,it would be great to dose up prior to playing. In fact going anywhere would feel easier.

    Thanks again for the replies , holiday travel is obviously quite an issue .


  • I have been taking them almost daily for a few years. I take one in the morning and one at lunchtime. On Bad days I take two in morning and one at lunch time. Xx

  • Hi Will.

    Today I took 4 immodium for golf as I always seem to get flare up for golf and have to get up early etc.

    This week I had a lot on so took mostly half dose daily which was grand but I dint like to take every day.

    I use immodium plus

    I.d hate to give up golf and dont travel now cos of husband.

  • Hi fionamp and calista,

    Thanks for replies re Immodium , perhaps I can use more often. Since returning home and presumably changes back to tap water and our own cooking and food , I have reverted back to my more usual symptoms.

    Golf is a difficult one if playing in the morning and perhaps being out for around 4 hours ( these days).

    I find if I get to the loo in the morning after breakfast, all is usually okay , ( well most days)- but if I don't get a visit, then it just feels like it will be an urgent call at some point of the day . I have feelings and discomfort in guts and know it will occur ,so being out and not close to a toilet is a worry. If immodium stops this it would be great. Only problem I assume ,is that constipation would then become an issue.

    Thanks again.


  • Hi Will glad to hear all well, I use Imodium like u when needed , I don't think it will lessen the effect if used regularly, no other prescribed tablet does, so carry on I certainly will, it's been my saviour ! Lin61

  • Hi Lin61,

    Thanks for replying , I agree Imodium is such a great help and lets you have a life. I wish it had been around years ago.


  • I've used Imodium for about 3 years now, not always daily but at least several times a week, on occasion I do get really constipated but prefer that. You can buy a cheaper version at the chemists that has the same ingredients as Imodium if you don't get free prescriptions X

  • Thanks Mary-Marie . Good to hear and agree re constipation. I do get free prescriptions but I have actually used very cheap versions from Asda supermarket.

    About £1.00 for six capsules.

    Thanks again.


  • I always get the cheap capsules from Morrison's that are £1.15 for 6. Better than paying £4 for 6 imodium branded caps.

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