Anxiety about travelling!

I have terrible anxiety about travelling anywhere incase I need to go to the toilet. I start worrying days before incase I am taken short and on the day of travelling I get terrible cramps and need to go to the toilet endless times. It also ends up like water, but I get very upset. My husband has been marvelous and I have good friends that so far, have been understanding. One of our friends had bought a new car and we went out. On the way back my stomache started bubbling. I had to stop three times. On one of the times I asked my friend to stop, cos I needed to go (By now I feel I am on a white knuckle ride, almost hyperventilating!!) We pulled of the motorway and as we pulled out onto a roundabout, a truck hit up the back of his 9 day old car! I was devasted, not only now did I desparately need the loo, but had hurt my neck. I got out and had to go in some bushes, with my husband standing by, with me sobbing.

It has taken over my life. I never go on a bus or coach now. If i go on a train I have to make sure I am near a toilet. I want to go away but dread it. Does anyone suffer the same, as me.

Oh also I have Fibromyalgia as if the ibs wasn't enough. I WANT A NORMAL LIFE.

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  • i hv panic attack,s i start gettin all worked be4 hospital appointments iv tried so hard not 2 panic but u cant help it hv u got the loose i.b.s hv a word with ur doctor and he cud change ur meds 4 u 4give me 4 being ignerant wat is fibromyalgia is that anything 2 do with 2 much fibre intake im sorry neva heard of that i had a silent stoke at xmas also my belly did swell so much i hv gu and i hv bad day,s asu knw thing,s got worse as from walkin on sticks 2 bein in wheelchair i also had 2 go glutton and wheat free pluss diary u cud try changin ur diet as 4 goin out try not 2 get worked up because that wont help tell ur friends to not to tell u wen ur goin out just turn up also dnt plan day,s just do lv ann xx

  • Hi, annekeith, Fibromyalgia is problems with muscles & tendons. I ache all the time and some days have trouble getting out of bed. It affects my sleep. I fall asleep with no problem but cannot stay asleep. i wake on & off all night long. Light affects my eyes, I have dizziness. Headaches and brain fog. I have had many blood tests for other things, but they have told me it fibromyalgia. It has many other side effects. I would run out of page. I do get good days and make the most of them. I love gardening but can only do small amounts otherwise I am laid up for days.

  • thanku i cant sleep at nite im on sleepers i hv pain,s in my legs they dnt now if it,s due 2 me bein paralized in my legs or its sumthin else causin it but thanku i will mr in2 that

  • Dear Robcathy

    I know exactly how you feel. I was exactly the same. I was supposed to go to a wedding in Italy in June and couldnt go. I am now on antidepressants from the doctor because of the anxiety and they have helped. Couldnt even speak when I went to the doctors. Even had counselling at work. Trouble is the anxiety makes it 100 times worse and then an accident happens. I am on Symprove probiotic now for about the last 4 months. Great reviews if you google it. I have definitely got my life back and even went to Spain for a week in September. Dont know if it is the Symprove or I have come to terms with my IBS which you will be able to do. Just a matter of time.

  • my sister says probiotics saved her life with "crohn's" or ibs-d . worth checking out.

  • Hi Krazydeb, I haven't heard of Symprove and will definetely try it. I am willing to try anything. I too amy amitryptiline which is an anti depressant. I think they help a bit. they make me feel tired a while after I take them, so I get a bit longer sleep in the first couple of hours. I am fed up looking in the mirror and seeing a tired face, all the time. I am 56 and have never looked my age, but I know I have aged since this got worse. You would do if you don't get enough sleep.

    I would love to get my life back to as normal that I can, having fibromyalgia aswell.

    Many thanks.


  • I had this too for years - try some of the suggestions given, but also consider using gut-specific clinical hypnotherapy that addresses the brain-gut connection - I was literally housebound with IBS, just the thought of travel would set me off with urgency issues - sometimes hours in the loo with people in line banging on the door, etc. Even traveled with a coffee can in my car at one point. I used the IBS Audio Program 100 from England, which was helpful to me - might help you out a bit - at least it would not hurt you in any way. More info here: I have had IBS since 1983 and after years of suffering, this helped the most for me. Hope you find your answer to feeling better soon - my heart goes out to you - it isnt easy, I know. Take care..

  • I am a physician. Please provide me with the name and email address of your professional arm. Many thanks! Balkpath

  • I am a physician. please provide me with the name and email address of youir professional arm. Many thanks! Balkpath

  • I totally sympathise as I also dread travelling anywhere as never know when the symptoms will start. I now ensure that i take loperamide just so at least i can have a day out without worry. I do the same if we are going to be travelling anywhere - just one dose. We recently flew out to Cyprus and then had a weeks cruise. I had no symptoms at all whilst we were away but as soon as we came home the symptoms started again.

    I am giving Symprove probiotic drink a trial now as have read it can be helpful and a recent but small clinical trial has achieved some good results.

  • I have had anxiety disorders since age 13. IBS since 44 when I had my gall bladder removed due to crystals not stones. I used reg over the counter for my "D" then added Questron. It works well and can be taken as soon as the issuenstarts.

    I would suggest talking to your Dr. About your aniety, and maybe even trying a low dose med. to help you. Anxiety is not just a is a disorder to be treated so you can feel your best and not miss everything! I also see a councelor who helps with things I can learn to help control my over-reactive nerves as they say!

  • I completely can relate to how you are feeling! I can't believe there are other people out there suffering like me. I have always been a nervous person and when i get nervous I need to go to the toilet loads! Over the past 18 months I have got that bad that I struggle with every day life and it is relly getting me down. I dont want to go out anywhere with my family as I always get so nervous beforehand that I cant get off the toilet, I constantly have Imodium in my bag and I am so fed up!! I am currently having CBT however it is not helping as yet :-(

  • Hi again, been on symprove for 4-5 weeks and what a difference already. Next step is to exclude the foods that set me off, but I feel tons better. No problems with short journeys and my anxiety about travelling is reducing - which probably also helps.

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