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Holiday Travelling

Currently,I am writing this lying on a hotel bed in Italy following a sudden violent attack of sudden D.

I made the journey to Venice and managed to go on a cruise to various locations in the Adriatic sea with only the odd minor issue. This week we are in a hotel and the food is all very Italian ,with all sorts of sauces Etc.

The temperature is extremely hot and this I think in conjunction with the food is really a trial. It is a small hotel and it all seems just a bit to personal with other guests asking if you are ok Etc.

Hope this passes ,as return journey on Friday to the UK is a big worry.

Just writing this probably as feeling sorry for myself and losing my insides in the heat 32 degrees to day is not good.

Will 1234

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Hi Will, sorry your dreaded D is spoiling your hols. Can imagine the rich foods and heat, are playing havoc with your guts. Did you take anything with you to ease it, or is there a pharmacy you can get some stuff from. If you can ask for p,Ian pasta without sauces , not easy I know as Italians are known for there sauces. I hope you are ok for your return journey home on Friday . Take care, and I wish you better.x


Thanks Blue52. Things much better today, the thought of an extended upset and having to travel panicked me a little. I now have Immodium capsules so hopefully will be okay.

Travelling with IBS is a trial but I don't want to give in and stay at home. Thanks again


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Ask for your food without sauces

Have you tried yout own intolerance tests, ie leaving dairy out of your diet ?

I am dairy intolerant and have made up little cards to that effect in Italian and French and show them in restaurants and have always received a lot of help - perhaps you could try that when you get back

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I know how awful this must of been. Travelling with IBS is so awful - always on your mind and the new food and hot temperatures make it so much worse!! Imodium is my life saver and that all I can really suggest - I also wake up extra early in the mornings to try and go to the loo before the day starts!!

Stay Strong xx

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Hi Will.

You are probably out enjoying Italy now.

Immodium is a lifesaver.

My tum always know when it is golf day...Sunday and Wednesday. Today Wed am not golfing but my tum thought was !

Maybe cos of anxiety of meeting nurse for first time re husbands dementia and constantly having to remind him of same !

Oh well.

Enjoy the rest of your hol !



have you tried amytripline.helping me now after 20 years IBS.also cut wheat to very little.no bread at all and best uv been for years.only two days a month instead of two a week or more.stopped mebeverne after ten years three times a day n rarely any spasm now just bit bloating or mild d.


Now that you've had an episode, you might be subconsciously tightening your muscles which I find can spur my symptoms on. Have you tried drinking peppermint tea or some warm water? It might relax you and help your digestion. I find it really helps me with diarrohea and constipation.


Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Feeling a lot better now.



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