Can someone please tell me what caused the diarrhoea. I had mince about 4p.m. yesterday and my 2 bowel motions were normal this morning.I had chips about 12 noon today and from 2p.m. till 4 p.m. had diarrhea/slack bowel motions 4 times.Is it possible that the mince I had yesterday caused this in spite of my 2 bowel motions in the morning being okay.I know it sounds a stupid question but I can't think why chips would have caused it.I've had IBS for years now but no bother for a wee while with it.

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  • Food normally takes 24 hours or more from eating to bowel movement so the mince or something you had prior to that is more likely the cause. The reason it happened is because when you eat anything (the chips) it causes peristalsis in the digestive system, (which is the pushing method the body uses to move food through the intestines). Everyone has a different timing for how long it takes to do this as with some people it can be 48 hours or more.

    This is what makes it so difficult to find out what affects you because most people do not know their own timings and thus is why people do an eliminating n diet system such as Fodmaps to help in that process.

  • Thanks for your reply,I'll not be eating mince again.

  • You have to make sure it is cooked well anything can cause the trots drink plenty of water and cut down on fruit and fibre eat white bread instead of brown hope this helps Dennis

  • Thanks for the reply.It was well cooked (for an hour) in spite of the butcher telling me it only needed half an hour.I don't eat fruit ,it pains my stomach.I drink plenty of water and I eat white bread because brown bread pains my abdomen.Thanks for your advice.

  • Sorry u say u have ibs and have had for a few years now maybr this is the cause of ur outburst of diarrhea. Ibs is for life so it cud spring upon u at any time

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